Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back in the USA

Goodness, I've been in CA for a month already and life is full steam ahead...still getting used to being on this side of the Pacific though! Summer school is going well, seeing friends and family is nice, Adrienne and I found an apartment, did my official La Verne tour and I'm SUPER excited about school in the fall...all good things! Just a couple of pictures and perhaps when I'm more in routine I can get back to blogging...

Adrienne was looking for her Japanmate at our soon to be apartment :)
Welcome home!
Dining area which connects to the kitchen :)
KITCHEN!! normal sized counters, 4 burner stove, lots of storage - might be heaven on earth...
Living room
Angels game for the 4th of July
Dodger game thanks to the Smith family :)
our first trip to Target in a year :) yea, we spent an hour and a half there...