Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I'm on a mini blogging roll...I've missed having things to blog about...but I don't know how exciting my statistics class is to anyone or that I've become domestic goddess or that my income lately comes entirely from tutoring (which I have to say has the potential to keep the bills paid!) Anyway, back to the blog at hand :) So growing up we always went to the tree farm and Dad was sure that I looked at every tree in my search for the perfect one...well Adrienne and I decided it would be fun to cut down our tree this year. What a change from our 100 yen tree that the TV dwarfed ! hee hee :) So I did a little bit of googling, because I have NEVER seen a tree farm in the middle of the city! So I found a website that lists all the tree farms in the state listed by county and there happened to be one in Claremont and another in Rancho Cucamonga! Adrienne printed directions and a coupon for one of the farms and away we was like a tour book day minus the turn right at the gas station directions! We arrived at the first farm with no troubles, unfortunately all the trees except for the ENORMOUS trees had all been reserved, who knew this would be so popular?

Too small...maybe next year!

TOO BIG...where do you think we live??
We set off to find the 2nd farm...and got a little lost...apparently we (I mean Adrienne) had looked up the wrong address, I tell you, that girl needs a GPS! We re-looked up the directions on her phone (wish we could have done that in Okinawa a few times!) and off we went again and found it! This farm was MUCH bigger and we got to tromp around looking for the perfect tree - it was hard with so many choices!

We finally picked one and went to find a worker to see what we did next - apparently we're not allowed to actually cut it down ourselves...I think that was a general rule, not a judgment on our ability to use a saw. Jamal cut down our tree while I got the car and then he just tossed it on top...let me tell you, we were wishing for some bigger muscles later on! We then had to tie down the tree ourselves, apparently it's a liability to do it for us!?!? Sigh....

Let me tell you, it was really hard and I worried about the tree the WHOLE way, which is at least 30 miles...we even stopped once to check it and every once in awhile we would open the sun roof and Adrienne would say, "It's still there!" "Has it moved" " ummmm, I don't think so" She finally learned to just say No! so I would stop worrying.
Once we got home we had the lovely chore of hauling it up the stairs...

And then getting it into the tree got stuck and then we couldn't get it centered and....OY
Finally up and ready for decorations! Yes, there is a SLIGHT lean....but not bad for a couple of rookies
All done and we're ready for Christmas!