Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 days to go...

My visit to Atascadero was really fun - good to see everyone...didn't take any pictures (it's wierd to take pictures in my hometown, don't just is) Cheryl and I went to the Atascadero Naz church and were introduced as historical figures in the church - I had no idea 28 was historical - but we laughed and it felt very much like coming home after being away 10 years...strange! I saw my parents, the Andrews, the Valauu's, Kim, and Lori - all doing well! Cheryl and I drove back down on Wednesday with the girls. LONG drive...NO fun at all, but we all made it back!! We spent the day packing my giant suitcase and it ALL fit, thank goodness! Dodger game was tonight...sorry to say, it wasn't a good one - but fun to be with friends. I have a day of appointments tomorrow, a baby shower, some errands and that's about it - YIKES! Anyway, I'll try and get my few new pictures up - but you might have to wait till I'm using my own computer again - at the mercy of others :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving day...

Well, my stuff is officially on it's way to Atascadero and I have no more keys to SGCS - crazy how surreal it all feels. Cheryl, the girls and I are driving to Atascadero tomorrow - seeing the family and some friends, should be fun! I feel like I can relax now that all the hard work is know hiring those movers was such work! No, really, packing and moving is so stressful...picking out what goes to Japan is causing an ulcer ;) I had to pack away so many things that I like and "need". Aimee keeps telling me I'm going to laugh at myself when I look at all the stuff I brought and go what was I thinking??? We'll see - if she's right I give full permission for her to post I told you so! Anyway, off to bed, must be well rested for my drive!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm over good byes!

AGH - so I think saying good bye is officially yucky. Saw Jen for the last time for at least a year. We laughed, we shopped, we talked, we ate, we shed a few tears and wished each other the best for the next year and the new adventure it holds for her in Kansas and me in Japan - CRAZY to think we're both going to be in such different places now...

Love you Jen!

Cooking Extravaganza!!! and a half

24 meals later, but we're all still standing and my friend's freezers are full of food and I have another memory of cooking at Sarah's. Strange how what I took for granted for the last 4 years has become such a part of my life and is something that makes me cry thinking about how I'll miss it. I'll miss D wiping up all my spills, looking over my shoulder to see if I've made ANOTHER mess. I'll miss Sarah having to have specific instructions, large chunk, what? nickel size! Ok! Although my favorites were always the funny questions...what does it mean to juice a lime...Sous Chef has come a long ways - she even made dip for the party :) My crowning achievement is when my sous chef can create her own masterpiece!! hee hee! Anyway, so cooking was long, with 6 girls, 2 babies, and enough food for an army! We were all done 7 hours later - a bit crazy, but fun all the same - I'm now tired! I came home to do a little more sorting, because packing day is now upon me (YUCK!) but the movers come on Friday so I need to get a move on...I think I lack motivation with so many "lasts" in my life. I was commenting today about how hard this move is and Tash informs me that it's because I'm going to another country, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I'm older and more settled, and my friends are the ones I'll keep for life. So it's emotional, cooking helps...I think I had my fill for awhile though!

The girls cooking away, Caiden was helping me take the picture - it took a little doing!

Caiden and I on a break!

Sarah and I remembered to take a picture to commemorate our cooking craziness!

Ellie was a good sport all day!

We even got a smile out of Caiden!!

All American BBQ

So our going away party was an all American BBQ - hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit, veggies, salsa, chile con queso, chips (this is CA after all!) the works - We had a great turn out - some of my favorite people :) We had games, food, fun, bouncing, all good things, and very few tears - trying to hold it together!! So thanks to those of you who could come - enough writing - pictures!

Games are a good alternative to crying :)

The Yamada's!

Adrienne and I with our flag cake (chocolate with strawberry filling!)

The five under 30 (which turned into 30 and under, but is really just Adrienne and I with the under 35 crowd!)

My Cheryl...strange to be going so far after so long :(

So Adrienne does what I like to call the snuffy face to kids...especially Ellie who likes to do it back and we've gotten Ellie on camera so this is me getting her to take a picture with snuffy face...attractive isn't it?

A Karen sandwich with Lindy and I in the middle!

Middle Sis and I...out of the mouths of babes....

Big Sis, Little Sis, and Middle Sis...we should have stood in order!

Ahhh, they're cute!

Tash and I NOT taking a big cheesy grin picture - I had to ask before we took it or else I would have looked like a dork and she would have been all cute...PROBLEM!

Phil and Jenny - her cute baby belly finally popped out!

Tash with Eri and Midori

Karen with Noah - he got passed around a lot!

Friday, July 18, 2008

To Japan, Chilton, Santa Monica, and back!

So we had a random series of events today...I went to Japan (ok, the embassy) to finish visa stuff - I get to pick it up next week!

It's a little shocking how quickly this is coming up, but I finished my very short list and went to Greystone Mansion AKA Chilton, yea Gilmore Girls!!!!

Last on my CA list was Santa Monica Pier...I have to admit it wasn't what I expected - it was a fun day, but not what I had in my head as far as what I expected - the people watching was the best!! I often wonder what people were thinking when they got dressed in the morning!
Good day, fun times had by all :) I had my last day as an employee of SGCS today - strange to say that after 5 years, my room is packed, just need to tape up the boxes and now I'm avoiding the cyclone I call my bedroom...packing is NO FUN! The getting rid of stuff part is good though or at least productive...Cheryl and Tash are coming to help pack on Tuesday so that will help A LOT but I need to be ready to pack then so that's going to take some doing. I'm finding it hard to pack for two locations, my whole closet wants to go to Japan and I just can't take it all so that seems to be the hardest part so far :) Anyway, picture below is of my VERY impressive classroom closet, if you don't know why this is an amazing picture, well, you should have spent more time in my classroom :) hee hee!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday wishes

Birthday girl! I'm 28 now...FUN! I'm excited about what this next year is going to hold in all it's newness and craziness - no really, I'm doing well with it - minor crying fits here and there, but I think I'm under control now :) It was a good day with some of favorite people. I had 3 out of my 4 babies which was awesome - might be a long time before all 4 of them are together, so I'll enjoy what I have! Anyway, short with a few pictures!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kevin and Kim

So my little brother type, Kevin came into town for a couple of days - caused quite the stir at school (mistaken for a boyfriend...AWKWARD!) But we had a good time hanging out - we went for dinner at a Japanese steak house with Kim - meal 5 with the chop sticks!! YUM! Friday he came to school with me...he's a big fan of duck duck whatever (slight exaggeration for effect) - we went to lunch with Tash, Adrienne, Cheryl, and Ellie. Not everyone is so lucky to have 5 stunning women at lunch with them...and survive, but he managed just fine! Adrienne contemplated riding in the car seat to fulfill her "Baby" was a valiant effort!!

We then got his stuff, dropped of Tash and headed down to Irvine and his friends Brian and Heidi - I'm going to nod and smile and leave it at that! It was great seeing him - pictures seen below!

Kim and I went to the Melting Pot for my Christmas present...yea yea, we've been busy! But we had a great time, good food, and some nice shopping afterwards! We decided to pick up some cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory (trying to get rid of gift cards...3 down, more to go) and then on our way home we saw lightening so we took our yummy cheesecake to the park and watched the lightening for a half hour - good random fun! Anyone else catch the awesome lightening storm??

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy... what else is new...yea I know - but when every day is booked solid until I leave (no, I don't know when I'm leaving...) it's just a little overwhelming to get it all done :) Sunday I had done some research on messenger bags and thought I had found my ideal bag at Patagonia - yes, I realize this is a sporting goods store - I figured I had already conquered REI with the raincoat, so bring it on! Anyway, I'm looking at bags while on the phone - yes, I am that shopper, but I'm a busy girl - MUST multi-task! So I have decided I like the smaller version of the bag and have found the red one I like - which the worker informs me he's glad I put down the blue one because red is more my color...I of course proceed to tell him that I was thinking that I might want my bag (which is water resistant....LOVE it!) to match my rain coat. This doesn't sound silly in my head because I understand I'm going to Japan during typhoon season, the salesman on the other hand is looking at me like I'm crazy, which I of course ignore and comment that I like red better and since I'm not always going to wear my rain coat so maybe I'll just go with the color I like better. Still looking at me like I'm a loon he tells me that this is true and he hadn't worn his rain coat today. This of course kind of baffles me for a second until I realize I'm the wierdo girl, wearing a dress, in a sporting goods store talking about her bag matching her rain coat. I explained my whole story and this of course caused a little laughter and something about the other worker teaching in Taiwan and on and on. So , thanks to my new friends for my awesome bag and my funny tidbit for the day :) I came home happy with my purchase and proceed to load up my bag and prance around the apartment which Kim is so used to I think at this point that she just ignores me until I go into her room to show off my super cool bag (again) and after not receiving the proper "yes, Alison, your bag is super fabulous" I turn around out of the room in a huff, but not without sticking my bag out again to be seen. Kim then asks if I'm trying to say kiss my butt and I gleefully reply, "No, kiss my bag!!!" She of course starts laughing and I'm laughing, while still running around wearing my bag - so yea, all in all, my bag is awesome and I find the whole thing amusing!!!! The rest of the week was filled with moving companies (LOVE my new BFF Troy right now...getting myself moved may be the best thing EVER! or maybe my bag, or hot rock many best things!) ADD tangent, so moving companies, summer school, tutoring, the Museum of Tolerance ( yea for activity trips with Sarah) It took us a few years to manage to go - but WELL worth the wait. I've never been to a museum guided by light and sound, and it was really interesting.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

fireworks, babies, best friends, and the spa :)

I have decided I LOVE holiday weekends and this one had almost all of my favorite people so that was wonderful! I drove down Thursday afternoon....I hate see Aimee, Kevin, and Jameson! It was absolutely wonderful seeing all of them - I also got to hang out with Whitney and Tannen - her brother and girlfriend and Aimee's brother Tim and his...girlfriend? Anyway, we BBq'd we played the Wii (I had never played and it was super fun...I rock the javelin throw!) hung out and talked, went to Balboa Park, made s'mores and just had a great time hanging out! Kevin made me laugh when he told Aimee and it was ok if we just wanted to stay in our pj's. I know we have a habit of that but it was sweet to think of it...we did manage to get dressed though! I am head over heals for Jameo though...I'm not really sure how you could not like him - he's an absolute crack up...I have an excessive amount of pictures of him considering I was only there a day and a half....I don't get to see him that often though - I've decided moving to Japan forgives a lot :)

Anyway after my tearful goodbye to Aims and Jameson I drove to Glen Ivy Day spa and met up with some more of my favorite people and had a great time laying on the dingies (you know those floaty mats in the wading pool). Those are my favorite, when I grow up I want a wading pool in the back yard and dingies - that would make me tremendously happy! I also think that EVERYONE should go there and get the relax massage - they use hot rocks and it's the best thing EVER! I've had massages that use hot rocks, but not like this - my whole body hummed afterwards - very refreshing, relaxing, and energizing!!!! I STILL feel relaxed and that's saying a lot in my world right now :) We also went into the mud - I always feel kind of like a hippo wading into the muddy water and slathering mud all over - but good times were had by all and my skin is super soft and supposedly with fewer toxins (I need to get rid of as many as possible, so what the heck, why not!)

So after the shower which of course includes the best smelling soap ever (I bought some to take to Japan!) we spend the rest of the afternoon lunching, laying, talking, and just having fabulous time - I love my girls...thanks for coming with me!! There's a few other tid-bits, but I think I'll save it because I'm tired of typing!