Sunday, August 9, 2009

A bit more traveling :)

So I went on a little trip a couple weeks ago to see Aimee, Kevin, and Jameson (cutest boy in the world) and then went on to see Jen and meet the fiance Jason :) Had a great time hanging out with Aim and the family...we did um, nothing really :) normal life stuff - baked, sewed, cooked, ate, played with Jameo, movies, errands, TALKED! It was just a good visit and I might be in love with Auntie I don't play favorites but the kid makes it hard!!

He managed to snag 2 cookies until Auntie caught him with the little grin!

He was helping me unpack...he also put some of his clothes in later...I think he wanted to come home with me! After nap every day he would wander into my room looking for me...melts my heart!
Here comes trouble up the stairs!

He'd ask me to read...not anyone else (I'm gloating!) A boy after my own heart with his nose in a book :)
Ohhhh I could just kiss him!
2 of my favorite people :)
My future stylist

I babysat one night and Jameo wouldn't go down...and then he crashed out on the couch
The PJ's we made for him...not bad :)

I got to see where Jen has been for the last year...I went to Japan and she headed to Kansas and now I'm going to be in her wedding soon :) Ahhh fun - met and like Jason, got to see "the dress", ran wedding errands, ate yummy food, hung out and talked, good times!
We went to a farm...there was a petting zoo
this is where you washed your hands (we're not in LA anymore Toto!)
This picture just reminds me of the movie The Prince and Me and the lawn mower races - I was so mad to discover that WI didn't have any...but Kansas has the kid version!
The happy couple and I :)

It was super funny on each of my flights I got to talk to people about Japan - Okinawa came up RANDOMLY in conversation twice! The whole trip needless to say made me happy...and now I'm back in CA, completely unpacked, mostly decorated in settled in the new place :) I'm registered for class and looking forward to September!