Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disneyland with the girlies

Cheryl and I took the girls to Disneyland for Bella's birthday and had a great time! No mishaps until we left and we had one royal meltdown...but still a good day!

Ellie is my kind of girl...won't get NEAR any characters so we took our own picture while we waited for Bella and Cheryl
This was as close as she would get...and I didn't even tell her Goofy was in the pic with her ;)

Good timing...Minnie was walking out when we walked by so Bella got to hold her hand the whole way to the picture spot!
Ready for the Toy Story ride

Ellie was so excited to be takes 2 short girls to make a tall one I guess :)
The cutest picture ever! Love them!

Fancy Nancy birthday party

So I was getting another post ready and realized I had several posts ready with why not post? So this was Bella's 6th birthday party - Fancy Nancy! Oh they were all so cute, Cheryl and I had a ball putting it all together!

Ellie and Auntie :)

The girls in their cute dresses!Birthday girl!
Adrienne was the resident photgrapher
GIANT fancy!

Friday, January 29, 2010


I haven't had a dog since living at home and I've been wanting a pet for who knows how long...and now that I'm home more it makes sense to have a dog :) A former student/family offered me a teacup poodle from their recent litter and I couldn't resist (after asking Adrienne of course!) Anyway, I've had Soba for about a month and he's been a lot of fun....usually a good boy....we're working on the potty training still though!

I was getting ready to do laundry and came back out to find him on my sheets...he might be a little spoiled!
Bella and Ellie like when he comes over (Bella is getting over her fear of him and Ellie calls him Hoba)
Ellie and "Hoba" she seems to think he's hers and cries when anyone else holds him
He wouldn't stay still for pictures...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Eve

Apparently it is important to sleep out on the Rose Parade route once in your wasn't quite what I had envisioned based on the Christy Miller series, but fun all the same! We started off our adventure by bringing pizza to some of Adrienne's family who had staked out our spot that morning and we all took turns keeping it "safe". Cheryl had brought the girls for a trial run and we had dinner together at Islands and then she checked out the spot so she would be able to get back in the morning. We had company until about 9pm when it was officially Adrienne, Kristen, Kelly, and I's watch for the night. It never got too cold which was nice, but I have to say I'm past the age of staying up all night (although I slept more than I thought I would!) and it wasn't SUPER groups on either side helped! Although, I did witness my first arrest...not sure for what, but part of the adventure :) We survived until morning...only had to brave the scary port-a-potty a couple times (there was a line by us ALL night) and we'll just say it involved some people picking the locks/breaking and entering going on. The parade was fun and I've
never been so excited to go home and shower!

Early on in the evening

Our slightly homeless look around midnight

Camping out
Bella and Ellie enjoying their breakfast

LOVE her!

She was waving back to the cute is she??

It had been a LONG night...Ellie is looking fresh and cute though!

Bella is quite handy with the camera
Seriously, can she be cuter? She was saying look Auntie, hat, hat Auntie...melts my heart when she repeats Auntie over and over whenever she sees me!
Sierra Madre's float - they had it on display in the middle of town after, it was cute :)
I LOVED the origami dragon!
Cal Poly always does a good job

Bella wanted her picture with the skater and the helper...who knows about that man, it made us all laugh though!

Jackie Chan was on one of the floats...apparently it was a big deal that he got stuck in front of us, they offered to let him off, but he stuck it out - such hard work ;)
Japan!! made me happy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday fun :)

I think this Christmas I managed to any and all holiday things to make up for missing so much last year! I went and saw lights 3 or 4 times, a Christmas party, friends, relatives, the works :)

Cheryl, Adrienne, and I even went to the Americana for the fake snow - it was pretty all decorated and we were waiting for the trolley and all these people started gathering....apparently we had found the snow spot and didn't know it!

The giant chandelier above the middle of the street was kind of funny

My silly girls finding the most obnoxious things to try on....I put on some hideous shoes that made me almost as tall as Adrienne!
I went to see the Grinch at Pantages with my parents on Christmas eve day - fun! and that night we went to PazNaz for their service - may have been the best I've ever been to. We spent Christmas at my aunt and uncles house and then on th 27th Adrienne and I trekked up to Atascadero for a few days

We went to Pismo with Kevin
Went on a hike at Bishops Peak....yes, me too :)
For those of you city people - this is called wide open space....there's lots of it in SLO county
We made it ALL the way to the top!

Overall, an excellent series of events and now I'm back to school!