Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jen's married!

This is SOOOOOOO outdated, terrible blogger that I've been BUT... One of my dearest friends from college is now married! I couldn't be happier for her and the whole thing was absolutely perfect...not that I would expect anything less from Jen! Sorry the pictures are backwards :)

They left the reception after dark and the sparklers were sooo much fun!

Jen and I - my 7th or is it 8th time as a bridesmaid? I was reading why they say 3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride - apparently it used to be thought that bridesmaids were to ward off evil for the bride and that in the process they absorbed some of said evil and after 3 times as a bridesmaid they had absorbed too much evil to be a bride....maybe after 6 it works in reverse! ;)
The very lucky groom with all the girls!
Yea for good friends!

These dresses caused a bit of heartache....let's just say they came a bit big for all of us! I'm thinking of shortening it and wearing it again...yes just 8 dresses, not 27....but actually I think it would be a fun dress shorter and with straps - might have to try!
Jen and her mom
The reception began at sunset - sigh....I miss living in SD
Whenever I'm in SD I try and go to Shelter Island and watch the boats - I took a burrito from Santana's, my homework, and a book - felt just like I was back in college again (oh wait, I am!)
The girls after our 1st back in the states...not as fancy as mine in Japan, but fun!