Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm 30!

What better way to celebrate the big 3-0 then in the backyard with all my favorite people?? And I seriously had almost everybody all together at one time...I am a very blessed girl! Adrienne worked SO hard with some help from Cheryl to make my day extra specials and I'm so thankful for some of the best friends a girl could ask for!

Soba of course got to attend...I got to keep him for approximately 5 minutes of the his is with Tyler and Ian...I heard later that there was an ear incident and squealing...poor Soba, he's a good sport :)
Jen and Jason drove down from Porterville...can't wait to see more of them now that they're living in CA!
Ruth and Ian
Cheryl and I...celebrating 20 years of friendship, I personally think we deserve an anniversary party!
ice cream cake...2 kinds :)
Mom finished my Japan quilt - love it!
Big Sis, Lil Sis, and Middle Sis....miss working with these lovely ladies!
Ok Seriously...the Braunds happened to be on vacation in CA for my lucky am I to have Okinawa friends come??? :)
Kevin put himself firmly on the "favorite husband" list by driving 12 hours out of the way JUST so they could come to my party - soooooo good to see them, but never long enough :(
A picture I was convinced I might never get...or at least not until I get married...all my babies, all in one place!! It was nice to see them all running around playing - love being an Auntie!
And then there's my Japanmate...there aren't words - love you!
Adrienne's dad and my dad and Gil at the man table
Lisa, Edith, Kim...and the 5 minutes I got Soba
Lindy, the Wolfs, the Archers, the Browns, and the Farinos
Jameson and Ellie on their first date...they have an arranged marriage (by me!)

My parents came down and part of the Andrews family made an was wonderful to see everyone, good to be 30 and hopefully a good time had by all! Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special - love you!