Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apartment (belated)

Goodness, I added these pictures a billion years ago and never wrote or Adrienne and I have been living in Sierra Madre for 4 months now...but here's our cute place :)

My Ryuku glass lamp...I never got to show everyone before when I bought it...wishing I could head to the glass habit needs a fix!
My room - same ole same ole, with a new valance...there was a curtain rod so I had to do something with it!
Kitchen...with a stove!
Our glass collection (some of it!)
the shelf that we put up in Adrienne's room...with NO help! Go us!
Adrienne's room
Our cute little wall stickers and picture collection!
The Ikea table that we put together one Saturday :) and our Japan valance!
The living room...and the TV that almost didn't make it up the stairs

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