Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby showers...chapel

It was a pretty quiet week - Adrienne got sick and I'm fighting the germ infestation...I think I'm losing ground though :) We went to Heather's baby shower - kind of a funny shower...yes there were games ( I survived) and presents...but it was in the Lanai room at the golf course, we all ordered our own food and when it came to present opening you could chat or you could pay was just kind of random - but fun all the same :) When we came in their was one of those blow up bears with the baby blocks and apparently it was on sale so the church bought it for their many MANY MANY baby showers (the military takes go forth and multiply VERY seriously!) It was a little random, but I suppose it was easier than random decorations!

Kim and Adrienne putting the bear away

Heather and baby Grace...poor thing already got her first sunburn

Maggie was dancing and jumping...that's Kelly's daughter - her curls are ADORABLE!
The blond in the blue shirt is Pastor's wife Carol

My kids celebrated Nathan's birthday with a cake and silly faces - OH MY!

On Friday we did chapel - we did a little Valentine/love chapel - poems, verses, 5 songs...a little mini program ;) the kids did a good job - you could tell they've been sick...a little tired, but they did well!

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Mom said...

Loved the video of the children singing. I was hoping to see some of the presentation.