Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cherry Blossoms!!!

I was so excited for a beautiful day out...we had wanted to go see the cherry blossoms for the last couple of weeks and the weather wasn't cooperating, but we thankfully it was nice this weekend! We drove up Montobu (past Nago) to go up Mt. Yaekabe...since the weather hadn't been great lately and the wind has picked up I had to take ANOTHER ocean picture...with waves :) I wish you could all see how pretty it is in person!

I apologize from the beginning - they're a little out of order, but you'll get the idea :)
When we got there we weren't sure where to go or where to park and there were a ton of people after a little wandering a car moving we figured it out, parked and starting walking towards the festival. I saw a sign for cherry blossom gelato with no eggs (apparently that was important) HAD to try was ok...made with Japanese weird milk so it wasn't great, but I've now eaten cherry blossoms, you could see the bits of plant in it - I laughed, Adrienne wrinkled her nose :)

We did a little walking around, picture taking and Adrienne had to get her "festival fries" usually the french fries are REALLY good - these weren't the best and they had weird chicken on top...better luck next time!
We seriously took a million pictures to get a decent one, I was apparently having a weird face day - who knows!

THE END...of the festival :) There was a park on the other side of the giant painting

The lady we asked to take our picture didn't really understand the digital camera, I have 8 pictures of Adrienne and I, it was pretty funny

You can see the dots of pink all the way up the mountain, it's absolutely beautiful!

Adrienne was driving so I was snapping pictures with both cameras out the window, Adrienne had to tell me me to watch out for branches a few times!!

I had a good time playing with my camera features - I wish the pinks had turned out a little brighter, but it's amazing to see how many cherry blossoms there are!
This was the view from the top of the mountain - cherry blossoms with the ocean out in the distance...I may never live in such a beautiful place again.

Today we had Cindy, John, and their boys over for lunch - we laughed a lot and it was a really nice afternoon! Night service at church tonight :) I'm glad I'm feeling better, I have nursery duty! This week our children's minister is moving, Alyssa is in my class so her last day is Wednesday...busy week! We're also meeting about 1 of the first graders moving up into my class, so we'll see how that goes...always something new around here!


Edith/URL said...

Nature is so bountiful in its beauty. The trees are gorgeous and the view of the waves on the ocean wonderful. My heart would have been singing, "How Great Thou Art". Keep sending us your wonderful pictures.
Love ya,
Big Sis

Aimee said...

Oh,Al! Its beautiful!! What a cool thing that you have been to a cherry blossom festival!

Lauren said...

That's gorgeous! Reminds me of DC when the blossoms bloom in spring.

Cheryl said...

prinfaThe cherry blossom pictures are wonderful and I love the ocean pic. I can just hear the sound of the waves!