Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's been awhile...

I will graciously accept the world's worst blogger award...I feel like I blink and a month flew by lately! I'm near the end of my Master's/Reading Credential and can hardly believe there are ONLY two classes left! Oh my...but can't wait for that cap and gown! Anyway, school is good and flying by...my time with my tuttees is winding down...less then a month of school, thankfully I have a few favorites over the summer! My drama job has been DRAMA and I am not gifted in the jr high department, God bless those who are...I'll take my little ones any day! I'm thankful for the learning curve of that job and I think the kids and I all learned something! Speaking of little ones, I think there's something in the water right now, babies seem to be popping out all over - looking forward to meeting some new additions this summer! As most people know (not that too many people still check my blog!) but Soba was killed by another do a couple months back...miss having my buddy around to play and snuggle with :( He did get to meet his little brother from another litter because Edith added Butterscotch to their household so that was fun to watch them play together!
On a SUPER DUPER exciting note...I am officially a full time teacher again! I will be moving to Colorado to begin a new adventure as a Literacy Specialist (sounds important huh?) I'll be teaching K-2 students in a small group format and all I do is reading and writing...perfect huh??? I'm going apartment hunting next week and hardly believe that in 3 months I'll be a CO girl instead of CA....yikes! I realized that I'm going to need some serious shoe shopping, my California girly shoes won't work in the snow and cold....the weather opens up a whole new category of sweaters and coats for me too :) How terrible to have a reason to shop.
Hmmm what else...had a nice Easter with family and friends, went to a wedding with Kevin, I've started taking Zumba a few months ago.....COMEDY...I have zero coordination and it's makes me laugh but I figure it's all good exercise! I think that covers the basics :)

Kevin and I @ his birthday party

Butterscotch and Soba...Butterscotch did NOT want to stay still!

Christina, Emily and I at the wedding...trying not to freeze!

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