Monday, June 27, 2011

Crazy Train...

Goodness, I don't even know if I've had time to breathe these last 6 weeks! Finished Jr. High, finished and started another term for grad school, starting to pack, found an apartment in CO, saw Christina graduate (as valedictorian!), had a great girls weekend with my lovely 3rd South friends, sorted through/got rid of/repacked all my classroom stuff, and started summer tutoring/teaching summer school...a little busy! So I have a gorgeous new apartment 5 minutes from my new school in Colorado (pictures to come in August...or so...), got to spend time with some of my favorite people while I was there, can't wait to be able to see them all more often! I have to say Aimee and Kevin live on one super fun block and have one (soon to be 2) super cool kid! Jameson woke me up, rather early even for me, every day with a smile and a "it's a sunny day Auntie!" And it was! The weather was great, apartment hunting was fairly painless, we laughed, we talked, we ate, we played, we walked, we BBQ'd, we went to a movie...all a perfect kick off to summer!

Jameson and I making silly faces
Mr. PDA :) Love it!
We occasionally still take really good pictures...not at the airport!
The following week was typical busy followed by a trip up to Atascadero for Christina's graduation...what fun to help her write her speech :) Sorry no pictures...I was too busy enjoying the occasion! The following week wound down tutoring at San Gabriel, starting my new term, taking the Praxis for my NCLB compliance in comment. That weekend, Sara, Jen, Lish, and I had ALL managed to coordinate the weekend to spend just us! I don't think we did anything but talk, laugh, eat, and walk...PERFECTION! I miss seeing these girls all the time :)

At brunch on Sunday
After that I finished teaching Jr. High...NEVER again and that would be too soon! But I survived (and so did they). I also started my summer tutoring, I have my 6 boys and am having a ball with them so far! My grad class is rolling right along...reading specialist exam August 6. I've also spent a weekend in Atascadero consolidating my 2nd grade classroom into must keep books and resources versus the get rid of or hang onto a little bit longer, just in case :) I have to say it was a little emotional at times, just for all the memories each box seemed to hold. I'm thrilled about the next step in my career and I wouldn't change this new adventure for anything, it just was a little hard to make the transition step. BUT all done and repacked into 35 (VERY small) book boxes and ready to move! I've also started packing my apartment things that I don't need in the next 5 weeks cause I know with everything else, time will fly! hmmmm...Oh, started yet another summer of Reading Lab, trying out my Master's class intervention program on them...FUN! I love Readers' Theater :) I THINK that's a pretty good summary of where I'm at right now - BUSY BEE!!! Off I go again...

PS I forgot to post this and now Tobin Joseph has graced the world with his cute little self...can't wait to meet him in a little less than 5 weeks when I move to his neighborhood!

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