Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday fun :)

I think this Christmas I managed to any and all holiday things to make up for missing so much last year! I went and saw lights 3 or 4 times, a Christmas party, friends, relatives, the works :)

Cheryl, Adrienne, and I even went to the Americana for the fake snow - it was pretty all decorated and we were waiting for the trolley and all these people started gathering....apparently we had found the snow spot and didn't know it!

The giant chandelier above the middle of the street was kind of funny

My silly girls finding the most obnoxious things to try on....I put on some hideous shoes that made me almost as tall as Adrienne!
I went to see the Grinch at Pantages with my parents on Christmas eve day - fun! and that night we went to PazNaz for their service - may have been the best I've ever been to. We spent Christmas at my aunt and uncles house and then on th 27th Adrienne and I trekked up to Atascadero for a few days

We went to Pismo with Kevin
Went on a hike at Bishops Peak....yes, me too :)
For those of you city people - this is called wide open space....there's lots of it in SLO county
We made it ALL the way to the top!

Overall, an excellent series of events and now I'm back to school!

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Aimee said...

Yay!! A blog! How exciting!! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Maybe being "in" school again makes you appreciate your vacation. Ha ha ha. Miss you!! Love you!! XOXO!!!