Friday, January 29, 2010


I haven't had a dog since living at home and I've been wanting a pet for who knows how long...and now that I'm home more it makes sense to have a dog :) A former student/family offered me a teacup poodle from their recent litter and I couldn't resist (after asking Adrienne of course!) Anyway, I've had Soba for about a month and he's been a lot of fun....usually a good boy....we're working on the potty training still though!

I was getting ready to do laundry and came back out to find him on my sheets...he might be a little spoiled!
Bella and Ellie like when he comes over (Bella is getting over her fear of him and Ellie calls him Hoba)
Ellie and "Hoba" she seems to think he's hers and cries when anyone else holds him
He wouldn't stay still for pictures...


Jo said...

OMG if you're missing him I swear - really - check my house. SO SWEET! How big will he get?

Lauren said...

SO CUTE! I have a teeny dog too. :)

Mom said...

Of course, puppies always go to the pile of laundry. It's theirs isn't it?

transit said...

cute dog ^^!