Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disneyland with the girlies

Cheryl and I took the girls to Disneyland for Bella's birthday and had a great time! No mishaps until we left and we had one royal meltdown...but still a good day!

Ellie is my kind of girl...won't get NEAR any characters so we took our own picture while we waited for Bella and Cheryl
This was as close as she would get...and I didn't even tell her Goofy was in the pic with her ;)

Good timing...Minnie was walking out when we walked by so Bella got to hold her hand the whole way to the picture spot!
Ready for the Toy Story ride

Ellie was so excited to be takes 2 short girls to make a tall one I guess :)
The cutest picture ever! Love them!

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