Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moving up 5,000 feet and over 2 states

I keep waiting for things to slow down, but they really haven't...I finished another term of grad school - ONE TO GO!!! Passed my Reading Specialist kicked my butt, but I'm glad it's done! I finished teaching summer school and tutoring - I don't think I'll be returning to SGCS, but I suppose one never was a strange feeling to walk out those doors, I grew up as a teacher there. Anyway...

And now I'm in Colorado! I'm still a little in shock...the movers came July 28 and the whole experience was miserable, I don't want to talk about it - I had used the company before and was completely disappointed (the drop off was better, but couldn't make up for everything else...). So my stuff left, I took a trip to Visalia for Jen's baby shower - she's lovely of course! and I got to see her and Jason's house and spend time with Holly and her adorable little boy!

After that I cruised over to Atascadero to spend some time with my parents, Kevin, and some friends...and study my dreaded note cards - I apologize to all of you that had to hear about the history of reading, or the stages of spelling, or whatever set of cards I happened to be studying when I talked to you...I got some much needed beach time in before heading back to Pasadena to stay with Edith and Duff (thanks again!) until my exam...the last few days in CA included studying, a chiropractor appointment, studying, lunch with Adrienne, studying, walking with Kim, studying, and biggie :)

Don't laugh at the giant was a little chilly and that was all that was in the car!

After the exam, before it sank in that I had written 13 pages in less than 6 hours I drove to Vegas to meet Aimee and the WHOLE family - cause she's crazy like that to drive 12 hours to meet me to caravan to Colorado with her! Had a yummy dinner with them, crashed out, and got up at 6 to start our trip to CO, I mean home...weird! We were going to try and make it the whole way and did! For those of you that know me in the car...I'm VERY proud! I seem to have the attention span of a 5 week old so it was nice to be able to get out of the car every 2 hours when Tobin needed to eat :) I didn't get my stuff until Friday night (more irritations) and in the meantime, I spent some time relaxing with Aimee and the family, worked 2 days testing 2nd graders, getting my CO plates, and taking care of a few other things! Below is our trip pictures and some moving pictures - I'll take apartment pictures soon - I'm all unpacked...just need to hang things! So far I'm LOVING the job - more to come on that next time!

Most of the drive looked like this...

Utah had a little more variety :)
FINALLY we got to Colorado
This is my new school!
I'm not crazy about the Ms. but it's rather exciting to get my own door plate!

How my office looked when I got there (it only looks slightly better now, but it's coming along and I'm super excited for my plans for it!)
My CA plates expire this month so I had to hurry and get my CO plates...weird!

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