Sunday, August 21, 2011

The apartment tour

I'm ALL unpacked and decorated (at least my apartment) my office is ALMOST done...hopefully tomorrow...especially since it's Back to School Night (not that I really have to do anything other than mingle! Might be the best Back to School Night EVER!! Anyway, back to what is lovely apartment! I have a few things that I don't love where they are but as I live here I can rearrange, but for now it's cute and unpacked and I'm a happy camper!

So here's the "tour" excuse some of the photography!

The window wall in my bedroom
The open door is my closet - this is the wall across from the window

Wall across from my bed

My bed with my new comforter and pillows - LOVE!

I had several unpacking injuries: box cuts, scrapes, bruises, and I dropped my bathroom cabinet on my poor foot :( The bruise/lump didn't come out to well in the picture but it HURT!

My bathroom - it has a HUGE garden tub which has been handy a few times already! I'm loving all my shades of blue/ touch of ocean in the middle of the country and my picture of Cape Hedo helps too :)

Love seat, new TV, Japan pictures, and wall stickers - best invention!

Couch, a bit of my balcony (it still has boxes on it and there are a few boxes next to my couch that need to go to my garage)

LAUNDRY ROOM!!! in my apartment - so exciting! People in Colorado don't seem to cook (or at least those that live in apartments) so my kitchen is solution was to be put my appliances in the laundry :)
Tiny kitchen
The other side of the tiny kitchen, but it does have a DISHWASHER! ahhhh heaven, I haven't had one of those in 10 years!
This is the little desk space next to the kitchen in the dining area - good place for my Okinawa glass

Dining area and front door - there's a little coat closet to the right of that
So that's the tour! Loving exploring the area - TomTom has been extremely helpful, I've tried to go without using "him" when usually results in an adventurous detour but I am getting the hang of it. Aimee brought the boys up this weekend and we used the pool - it was nice to have my first visitors! Hopefully more are to come :) I'm loving work so far and everyone on staff has been great - it will be fun to get to know everybody! Still looking for a church, 2 strike-outs so far, but I have a few more on my list. I think that covers everything for now. Once my office is finished I'll give the VERY small tour of that and maybe some pictures of my new beautiful school...I have to say it's super kid friendly and adorable!

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Aimee said...

You did great!! You forgot to say we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Ha ha. Jameson told all his friends that he went swimming at Auntie Al-son's pool! It was so much fun! I look forward to many more dates!!