Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First days of school!

So I'm realizing how spoiled the life of a specialty teacher is...yes I know I put my time in to get to this point in my teaching, but WOW...there's so much less to do...only an office to organize and decorate (which now that it's decorated never needs to be changed), no bulletin boards, no grading, very few conferences, no lunch count, half the school emails don't apply to me, getting to leave soon after the day ends....UM, YES PLEASE! In summary, loving my new job...we're stuck in testing chaos right now, but once it's done we get to make our groups and things settle down a bit. The one downside is keeping track of 3 different grade levels and 15 teachers...but again, when testing is done I'll have my 2 kindergarten teachers and my 5 other 1st and 2nd grade groups :) Oh, and did I mention that I have 45 minutes of planning time every day (really it's 30...who can get more than a bathroom break and email/voicemail checked in 15 minutes?) I still don't have an employee number which means no school email (hating getting everything on my personal one) and the no number thing means I can't set up a slew of other things...but I do have a copy code and an ID tag and keys - I just got the last of them....well that's really all, the joys of a lot of new staff, a new building...I also got to pick a lock (which I'm not good at) because we don't all have keys to everything and we'll just say there was a little adventure when the key elf locked testing materials and a lunch in the cupboard!

So here's my picture recap of this last week :)

Back to School and greet with the parents at the "picnic" beforehand and after that all I had to do was direct lost people and try to answer questions (usually I had to go find out the answer since I seem to know nothing yet!)

First day of school outfit...have I ever mentioned how happy the 1st day of school makes me?
Good day...full of testing and meeting my kindergarteners

THE OFFICE! Since it's a brand new building we're not allowed any nails or sticky tak, just those removable tabs and hooks...made it work :) Still waiting for my white board so I may have to get creative when I do writing!

Cupboard, pocket chart, door (everything in the building is nature themed so our doors have this tree can tell more in context, but just to say the whole building is so pretty!)

Resource wall - reading strategies, sight words, better word choices...etc and my's HUGE and takes too much space, this from the girl that's never had one before!

My too cute for words, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree! I was so excited when one of my K teachers told me she does a whole project based on the book too! Cute and a good reference for them :)

Bookshelf, my centers rack turned supply rack, small group table!

Off to enjoy my weekend...cause specialty teachers have time for free time and don't have to go to school on a Saturday!

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