Friday, February 20, 2009

Hot stones, Ostriches, Pineapples, and Spaghetti...hmmm

Trying to catch up from the last week or so :) oops...Adrienne even said, you FINALLY posted a dramatic :) We went to this Japanese hot stone sauna place AKA ganbanyoku - it was fantastic...I could so get into this! First you get your towels and you go shower before putting on these oh so attractive pj type things. After that you go in this room and lay on these super hot slabs of stone and my whole body just kind of sighed - it was super relaxing (and not a bad way to lose 600 calories every 20 minutes! I googled it of course and supposedly it detoxifies the body and helps with circulation - my skin was super soft for several days and I felt great afterwards - when (not if!) we go again we might get a 20 minute massage to top the whole thing off. Itsuko (a Japanese lady from church) says they also do a stomach massage...apparently it helps with heart burn so I might need to try that sometime...we'll see! It was really fun - we might go again this week :)

The diagram to healthy living in Japanese :)
Gina was already to go!
Last Saturday we had visitors for tour book day! We had invited Gina and Rocky, who are looking after Sage while her parents are on vacation to go to the ostrich farm. The all-knowing tour book said you could ride ostriches - random, but fun right?!? Anyway, we had them over for lunch and Alisia, Pauline, and Benny came too so our little wood box ended up being a full house for tacos - good times! We headed up north with the girls in the back and the "grown-ups" in the other car. The rain started to come down, but we decided to keep going and hope for it to clear up. Once we got there we discovered you can't ride the ostriches, but you can feed them - after seeing them we were all glad that riding them wasn't allowed, they seemed a bit scary! It was hilarious watching everyone's reactions to the lunging towards the food!

I made Sage put the sunflower from the chocolate covered sunflower package on her head - she only agreed if I did it too
Gina was laughing so hard at Rocky and Benny - they got surprised by the ostrich!

That's my ostrich - he was very lunging!

We come as a pair - last Sunday night we were even the "couple" to be interviewed for service...don't ask.
From left to, Alisia, Pauline (Sage in front), Benny, Gina, Rocky, and my favorite person in Japan :) Adrienne
The tourist picture from Pineapple Park...yes, we are addicted, yes we will go at least twice more (once when Kevin visits and once when Adrienne's mom comes) We might go once more just for fun! We were shocked because Pauline, Benny, and Alisia have been here for nearly 3 years and had never been - apparently we've been more places on this island than the average person - what can I say, our tour book has served us well! (I had a question about the pineapple park - if you missed the original post you can look back here)
We all squished into one cart - Adrienne and I rode backwards and almost fell out going up the little hill!

All caught up now :) This weekend we helped with LON spaghetti dinner - sorry no pictures, we were to busy making pasta and bread and salad! It was a lot of fun to decorate and cook and of course eat and fellowship! The Okinawa marathon traps us at church (heaven forbid!) so the ladies use the opportunity to do a fellowship fundraiser - good times! Off for another week in Japan - regular scheduling this week I think!


Joelle said...

Oh man that hot stone thing sounds amazing!!! I would love that right about now. I'll settle for a uninterrupted nap... with a 6 month old though... ha unlikely.

The McGriff's said...

I think you have done a lot more than most people do here in 3 years! We thought we had seen a lot but then I see these places you have been that I have never heard of. And, yes, I read your entire blog, all 101 posts! Now I have Adrienne's to read. I am glad it is not as long ;-)

Lauren said...

How cute is Pineapple Park!!! That hot stone thing does sound amazing...I'm glad you're making the most of your time there. What wonderful memories you're making!

Cheryl said...

Oohh, I would love to go to that spa with you! I love that you are guiding the people that have lived their longer around their town! Good for you Social Diva!

Aimee said...

Mmmmm, hot stones. I wouldn't mind that RIGHT now. :) Thinking about you!