Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sayonara Dinner

Monday night Adrienne and I went to our first Sayonara dinner...not for us...the church goes to Kitakisen (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, Adrienne corrects me often, but I'm ok with it!) Anyway, it's this Japanese restaurant that has some of EVERYTHING you can think of from sushi to yakitori to pizza (japan style). Anyway, we didn't know what to expect - 2 families were leaving this week, one being the Delacruz family (Alyssa is in my class) so I felt it was important to go :) We get there and pull up chairs next to Rocky and Gina (yea!) and start looking at this massive menu - we picked out beef kabobs, yakitori and rice, and shrimp tempura - YUM YUM! In typical fashion, Gina insisted on sharing their food too - the seafood salad was yummy, so were these cheese things, the fried rice with chicken, and they had a Kitakisen roll....totally a California roll :) Everything was really yummy - but after we ordered it got SUPER least 80 people jammed in this room. Everybody is laughing and talking and wandering around trying everyone's food - so fun! In Japan every food place you go to gives you wet wipes to use before dinner (and after too!). I think these are the best things ever, Adrienne laughs at me! Anyway, some places give you disposable ones, and some places give you wash clothes. This was a wash cloth restaurant. Well, at some point someone decides to throw the wash cloth across the room - it nearly landed on Adrienne's head! So instead of a food fight there was an instant wash cloth fight...I laughed hysterically and later when I went to get into my purse I discovered one had landed in there too! Good food, good company, and LOTS of laughter!

Adrienne with Alyssa and Sage (we're still waiting to go to Toys R Us and find our husbands)

Gina is the official cake maker and I, who am not a huge cake fan, like her cake. So Rocky says, you have to sit down, or you don't get cake...since the room was so crowded Robert sat on the floor so that they couldn't deny him his cake!
Gina and Adrienne - Rocky threw the tomato in the picture just as I snapped it - Talent!

Rocky in his loud shirt...there were a million pictures taken because Gina was trying to get the tomato in the picture... her timing wasn't as good so Rocky started making faces after awhile


Aimee said...

Looks like fun was had by all. :)

Lauren said...

That sounds like a ball! It's so special to participate in those unique cultural events. :)