Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kids 100 days later!

OH MY OH's been a busy week of kids :) Wednesday was Alyssa's last day of school here so I had helped the class make a book for her and baked a cake in the toaster oven and we had a little Sayonara of our own - I hope she enjoys being back in the States!

Alyssa eating her Funfetti cake - my class was fascinated by the little dots of color...took multiple explanations for them to understand how I had done that!
This was the silly little hooligans!
Friday was the 100th day of school and I had built it up for the last couple of weeks so we were REALLY excited that day...but I think it was one of our better days so that made it nice all around. Our morning was pretty normal until after our spelling test and then we started making our 100's snack - I put everything out that they had brought in...the Japanese don't quite get trail mix, so we had some interesting choices, but the kids liked it and we had a good time! I tried some new yummy snacks too! They all worked on their 100's day books while the others made the snack.

Kai and Mana
Nathan and Kyle
Kiana and Kristopher...serious business!
Mai and Shuan (Shuan had to examine the Snickers VERY kids didn't know what they were!)
Dennis and Ayaka
Ryuki and Lauren

Banri and Serina - this was their 2nd picture, I had to make silly noises and faces to get Serina to smile and that's the best I got out of Banri :)

Kounosuke and Milena
At recess we took 100 small steps, 100 giant steps, and jumped 100 times...we ended the afternoon with the goal of reading 100 books (didn't quite make it, but we had fun anyway!
Seriously, how cute is she?
Kounosuke sits like this often, it seems to help him think!

Milena's reading has improved so much this year!

That night we went over to Kim's house to kid sit...OH MY, the apartment is lovely and has the BEST view ever...thing 300 degree ocean - not quite 360 but close! We ate pizza (yum) tried the new root beer float in a bottle (interesting) watched (I use this term loosely) Prince Caspian. Then the move ended and the escapades began! There was MUCH picture taking, dancing, running, hokey pokeying, and who knows what else - but we had a really good time!

Matthew has a floating head

We were getting worn out - had to rest before the craziness continued!

I'm not sure what's happening here really
Matthew and Emma with Adrienne
Samuel cut Emma's head off...might have been on purpose, but he said we all looked beautiful, so who's to argue?!?
It's a hat I guess :)


Aimee said...

100 days Al, can you believe it?? Time goes by so fast. Your kiddies are darling!! It makes me wonder what Jameson will be like when he is in 2nd grade! I miss you!

Lauren said...

My teacher heart hurts! Hundreds Day is always great fun! :) I had some interesting trail mix items in the states too.

Cheryl said...

It looks like you had a great time! Bella celebrated her 100th day and enjoyed it!

Edith/URL said...

Everytime I look at your class pictures and the comments, I sense your love for them and know you're enjoying the experience more than your words can express. I miss you!