Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines, Family Fun, and Birthdays....

We've had a busy week at school this week, new student,Kounosuke had a birthday, Valentine's Day, and Family Fun Day at the park. Sorry the pictures are in reverse order :)

Family Fun Day was on Friday - we were supposed to be at the park by 9, so we left at 8:30 which should have been plenty of time...we got officially lost for the first time though! We finally pulled over and used a pay phone to call Pastor - he told us we were on the right track so we were praying for a car we recognized or a sign we could read - thankfully we saw a car we recognized and did a u-turn to follow it into the OTHER side of the park - this place was huge, we never would have found it on our own! Each teacher was paired up to do field games - Rachel and I did Beetle Bug (a SGCS favorite of mine!), the T-shirt game (you put a shirt on the first person and they hold hands with the 2nd person and the rest of the team pulls the shirt off the first person and onto the 2nd person...all the way down the line), and Spoon Zoom with cotton balls and eggs - all in all fun times :) I even got to watch Adrienne do the chicken dance with her class - made me laugh!

The day ended with a tug of war teachers vs students...we didn't stand a chance!

My class watching the other events
Caterpillar race - HILARIOUS!
Beetle Bug - it took them awhile to get the hang of it but they finally got it!
Kristopher, Kounosuke, and Dennis hanging out
Kyle doing the Spoon Zoom...cotton balls are willy little things!

The T-shirt game was hard work!
Kiana, Ayaka, and Serina waiting for the games to begin.

Valentine's Day was fun all decked out in our pink and read - we delivered our Valentines out in the hall, decorated cookies, and ate our yummy snacks - good day!

My goofy class - Samuel's our newest addition on the bottom left,
Delivering Valentines

My kids took decorating cookies VERY seriously - they had never done it before so we had to have frosting lessons...we might have to do it again they were so cute about it.

Mana might be my favorite (I know, breaking teacher code) - watching her giggle about who knows what we were talking about made me happy
Banri took it VERY seriously - he must have held up the sprinkles choosing what went together best for at least 2 minutes!

Kounosuke had a birthday on Wednesday - pretty good cake, every time I turned around his mom had added another piece to my plate to take home - she was cracking me up!
That covers the kids this week - I'll post the rest of the week later :) Love and miss you all!


Aimee said...

Looks like loads of fun! You just gave me a craving for sugar cookies!!

Anonymous said...

Love the valentine bags on the wall. Did every class have that or just another Alison brainwave?!?! The tug of war pictures cracked me up... wow look at all those teachers and then oh my look at ALLLLLL those student! No wonder you lost... the kids must have loved it!
Love you - Sarah (D and Caiden too!)

Cheryl said...

It looks like you had a good time! I think the class would have picked up on Beetle Bug faster had I been there to help you demonstrate :)