Friday, March 20, 2009

End to End

Kevin came to visit me which has been really nice to have a face from home - good change of pace! He saw A LOT of Adrienne and my classrooms but we did get out and about and we did the island end to end for the first time for Adrienne and I (took him a week, us 7 months!) I took Friday off and the 2 of us headed north for Cape Hedo and Naha - it was kind of rainy but thankfully it was only on the drive! We go up to where the East China Sea meets the Pacific Ocean and it was really pretty out and VERY windy!

We were sad that Adrienne couldn't come too...she was stuck with her 4 year olds :(
Really? This is where I live...absolutely beautiful no matter what the weather is!

Next we went trooping through the National Park and saw the unusual rocks and the mandatory banyan trees :) Good times!

And what visit is complete without a visit to the Pineapple Park - I think Kevin was a little shocked at how good all the samples were! I'm telling you, it's a must do!

After our glass blowing experience we wanted to down to the southern most tip of the island so we can say we've covered the WHOLE island end to end, but it was pouring rain. When we came down to pick up our glass it was gorgeous, so off we went! I have to say the southern tip is NOT as pretty as the north - but it did make a very nice sunset!
Yep - there's really nothing down south but a field we walked by - some people were planting something...
Adrienne walking ahead...again! Ok ok, this was actually posed, but I promise this is how I live my life here...

Kevin had to put up with a lot this visit - not the best school days for sure - thankfully he survived with a smile!
There was a fence so we decided to do a timed group was pretty funny trying to get us all in and not fall off the wall!
The HUGE hair is back - hate humidity :( I had to take like 8 pictures so that my hair wasn't taking over Adrienne's face...the wind wasn't helping matters either - but we finally managed to keep the hair out of the picture - poor hair!


Aimee said...

The pics are beautiful! That sunset looks very pretty, reminds me of Lomaland. I am glad you and Kevin had a lot of fun. I miss you!!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you had good times with Kevin. You all look happy in the pics. And they are beautiful. I love the one with the three of you and am glad you didn't fall off the wall!