Saturday, March 7, 2009

Forest Adventure

So we had a different sort of adventure today - REALLY fun though! Tom invited us to go on zip lines adventure course...only in Okinawa, we'll just say that! We signed out life away, got on a van and headed out to the course! There were 7 zip lines on the course and a few bridge type things, and lots of exercise (at least for those of us lazy civilians!). We first got our harnesses on and our safety course and then we were off! We went through the course twice and the adventure course once (I refused to jump off spider man style twice - it was a bit intense!) I'll let the pictures speak for other way to explain this one! We were extremely thankful that the rain held off till the end...a little damp, but still laughing! The pictures are out of order (again) sorry!

Me landing on my butt - so graceful!
Zip zip - it was hard to not get turned around!
Clipping in - it got easier after awhile

I always get left behind...they were figuring out Adrienne's pace count

LOVE this face - she was climbing up to get to the zip line
I went first - they're back on the other side getting ready to go...yep there's the jungle below...CRAZY!
I'm pretty sure the building in the distance is Kim's house...yes, everywhere we go has an insane ocean view!

Part of the adventure course - this was after the spider man jump - I avoided the ring part (see the video's at the bottom for comic relief of Adrienne crossing!
The Spider Man Jump - ok that tall thing straight across is where you stand, you jump, fly across and run into the net...I couldn't hold on to the net so I ended up back half way across kicking my legs to get back - I was terrified!
Crossing the swinging bridge
Adrienne about to do the Spider Man jump
This is the view before the last zip line
This bridge was my favorite - I like to bounce!
This was my least favorite - it was hard not to get stuck it was so narrow
I landed on my feet a couple of times, my butt most of the time - Adrienne on the other hand managed to regularly land on her back - talent and grace I say!
Zipping along!
The adventurers!
The view from the beginning - we were getting our little training
My self portrait skills was a little off today :)

The video is taken while I'm on the zip line - it's just the view. I'll try and get a copy of the video of me being a big wimp doing the spider man jump :) The whole day was hilarious - lots of laughs!


Aimee said...

Looks like a complete blast!!! It definitely looked like you were in good company! ;-)

Edith/URL said...

This is definitely not my kind of adventure. Cheryl showed me your video on her Facebook page. We enjoyed laughing at you and we had fun making our own comments. I'm glad you enjoyed your new adventure.

Lauren said...

This looks brave. And a lot like my nightmare.