Friday, March 20, 2009

Glass Blowing!!!

So for those of you that have previously missed it - I have a glass PROBLEM! I love the glass here...I admit to the fact that it's most of my souvenir items - it is also my gifts for some lucky people but I admit it...I have acquired a lot of Ryuku glass on the island...not sure how it's all coming home, but the numbers are in my favor! Anyway, I had read in the trusty tour book that you could do it yourself and for only 1500 yen ($15) a bargain for sure! So last weekend was the day - Kevin who has been visiting (more on that in another blog) and Tom joined us for the little trek down south too! We arrived, chose our colors, and were VERY thankful for someone that spoke enough English to explain what to do!

The orientation...this is what it will look like after you blow in that pole and they put it in the fire (a loose translation on my part!)
Adrienne's safe in her gloves!

Adrienne and I with our gloves and little paper cup that we blow through the pole with...basically and ice cream cone slip
After you blow in the pole with your little paper mouthpiece you have to roll it out poking the LARGE tweezer like things into it, while rolling the bar....I admit it was hard to do it and almost set my glove on fire....ooops!
Going into the fire!
My lovely glass that I can't put in the dishwasher or microwave, I also can't put hot liquid in it and based or silverware, based on the pictures I'm not even sure if I should have photographed it! Anyway, the whole thing was random fun - one more thing to mark off the list :)

Me rolling out my glass - watch for the glove to start steaming!


Aimee said...

I think your glass looks awesome! I would probably drink out of it and get some lead poisoning or something. Be sure to keep it away from me when I visit.

Cheryl said...

Very nice work on the glass and I liked the steaming glove!