Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dr. Fish and the rest of Kevin's visit :)

So Kevin got dragged to school most of the time, but we did try and get out to all our favorite restaurants and have a little bit of fun at least :)

Here we are cooking our own food at the flashy light restaurant (I don't know the name, it's in Japanese!) YUMMY food!
The Dr. Fish! OH MY - so I saw somewhere that the Dr. Fish were very popular in Japan and I've been harassing Adrienne to go for the last 7 months and Kevin said he was up for whatever so she was outnumbered!!! Anyway, we paid our 1300 could go in the pools and whatnot also...but they were all labeled naked zone so we passed on that! Anyway, I was THRILLED with the whole thing, giggled through the whole thing (which I'm sure you can hear in the video) Our feet came out not quite callus free, but well on their way (I'd do it again, Adrienne says NO WAY!...we'll see!)

My kids talked Kevin into playing dodge ball - I found it hilarious!

For Saint Patrick's Day it was Green Day...AKA no uniforms, wear as much green as possible! Here are my little green munchkins! I put up my traditional green feet and they wrote stories about the leprechauns coming to play - they didn't notice for over an hour that these little footprints were ALL much for their detective skills ;)


Aimee said...

Looks like fun. I think you must write a post about these Dr.Fish. They look awesome.

Cheryl said...

The Dr. Fish thing is disgusting. I'm with Adrienne, I don't even know how she did it that once!