Saturday, April 11, 2009

going up north

On Thursday we headed up north with Adrienne's mom - the day started out rainy, but turned out to be pretty nice weather! We went to Ryuku Mura for the first time which is a recreation of a traditional Okinawan Village, interesting to see...nothing to exciting though. I did enjoy seeing the sugar cane pulp being squeezed out by the machine that was being turned by the bull - who knew?
The bull, I got to pet him too

After that we did our trip up to Cape Hedo, the national park, and of course ended with the Pineapple Park...don't ask how many times that makes (we already have plans to make one more trip before we leave for cookies and face wash)

I love the ocean no matter the weather!

OH MY - see it's not just Adrienne that walks ahead of me!
The flowers were blooming on the side of the road - they looked like pink poppies - pretty!
At the national park we did the big and strange rocks walk...I made Adrienne try and go through this very small space (such a good sport!)

Adrienne being a lizard next to the lizard rock :)

I like how I'm roaring and Adrienne looks nervous...hmmmm
NAPPING at Pineapple Park
...ha ha ha ha - ok it was technically posed...but she did close her eyes for a minute and talk about napping...but the picture was to good to pass up!!


Anonymous said...

Some things do change. And i was feeling inspired today. Nice pics looks like a lot of fun.
signed KEvin

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you had fun with Adrienne's mom. Cute pictures!