Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy week = Straight hair!

Back to regular programing... spring break wasn't quite long enough! We kept busy with Adrienne's mom here until Thursday - we were sad to see our last visitor go and reminded ourselves - TWO MONTHS! WOW! We're not sure how we're going to get all our stuff back we found out that it's MUCH more expensive to have extra luggage to go home than it was to come here - but we're having faith that it will work out somehow! I took a nasty spill down the stairs earlier this week - bruised myself up, but thankfully didn't break anything. Note to self - falling on cement stairs HURTS! We started making our life sized human bodies this week - the kids laughed SO hard when they were tracing each other - we all had a lot of fun!

The first thing we've learned about were our bones so we added a skull and our arm bones!

Mai had a birthday this week - yummy cake!

The big event for the week! As we've all seen my hair is enormous in Okinawa and now that the humidity is back...well let's just say my hair and I have not been happy campers! I decided it would be a good idea to professionally straighten it permanently (or at least until it grows out!) I was so excited about it all week! Adrienne and I headed to the salon and an entourage began to assemble for my hair - it was quite the experience!

Me waiting in the chair with my before hair!
Once they had me in my cape and towels I was equipped with ear caps! I look like somebody off Star Trek :)
After that two people started applying the first of two chemicals onto my hair - speedy! I then had to sit with plastic wrap on my head for awhile. This is one of my 6 hair helpers!

After I sat in my plastic wrap they washed out my hair, dried it and I was still looking at my puffy hair...hmmm...then 2 people (1 the same, 1 new) used a straightener and did my hair, then another person came and said 2nd chemical and away we went with another chemical, more plastic wrap and more waiting. Another washing, conditioning, more plastic wrap and a rotating heater...washing...drying - MASSAGE! hair trim - I did not panic that someone I can barely communicate with was cutting my hair I just breathed deeply! After that I was all done! My hair has never been so straight - who knew? Anyway, Adrienne came back to pick me up and with the windows down and my hair blowing I was amazed that my hair didn't expand in size - so great!

We had a meeting for the Ladies retreat for church (which is next weekend!) today at the Loop...cute tea and coffee place, we might need to go again! I'm really excited for the retreat though - should be a wonderful time with some of our favorite people!


Jo said...

I LOVE your hair!!!! I keep contemplating doing it to my own! It looks great.

Anonymous said...

You did it! Good for you and it looks great... mine might even be more puffy than yours! (te he) How will you ever go back to the curl?! Love ya
Sarah (D and Caiden too)

Edith/URL said...

Your kids are so cute and serious as they're working on their bodies. Thanks for sharing their pictures. Your straightened hair changes you so much. Do you think the process will last until you get home? I sure hope it does.

Cheryl said...

I love the hair, but I do miss the curls! I'm sorry you fell :( Cement stairs are not fun. Remember, I experienced them in Crissy's wedding. Hope you have/had fun at retreat!

Lauren said...

I've read about that hair thing and wondered if it really works. It looks great! As a member of the curly hair club, I'd definitely consider it if I ever move back to a humid climate!
Your life-size human bodies are so cute! What a fun project.