Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not much...

Well, 3 quarters down - I can hardly believe that 3rd quarter parent conferences are tomorrow! At the beginning this day seemed so far away and now the year is counting down. We have about 40 school days left and 74 days until we arrive back at LAX (June 15 8pm!!!!!) It's funny thinking about how Adrienne and I now say we'll miss this or that here but overall we're so excited to be going home and seeing everyone!! It's been a quiet week - I had one out due to an extended trip to the States (jealous!) and several others in and out due to sickness or one to celebrate the death of his grandfather last year...the family is Buddhist I think, not for sure on that one many customs to keep track of! I've barely had time to think about the fact we leave for Osaka on Saturday but I'm really excited to see some more of to come! I'm also excited to have a break from the every day and from school (never thought I'd say that huh?). Adrienne's mom comes to visit next week when we're back from Osaka so that should be fun too. I've been busy collecting the last couple of things concerning grad school but I think everything is finally settled and now it's just wait time...worst part for sure! Not much else going on - I'd appreciate prayer for wisdom and a listening ears for conferences tomorrow :) Love and miss you all!


Edith/URL said...

Hi, I enjoyed taking time to catch up on your blogging. I must say Dr. Fish was quite interesting. I really think I would enjoy the beautiful hues of blue. Hint! Hint!! Hope you all are having a wonderful time in Japan. It's so exciting to know that you only have 4th quarter to go! Love you, Big Sis

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I have heard that Osaka is utterly beautiful this time of year. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, right? Can't wait to read all about your time away from school.

Take lots of pictures and enjoy!