Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Universal Studios (day 3)

On the third day in Osaka we headed first to Tully's for a hot breakfast sandwich - YUMMY! and then we were off to Universal Studios via the train...which if I do say myself we have mastered the train system in Japan! We discovered that there was a City Walk outside the park like there is in the states with a Bubba Gumps...I had never eaten there and Adrienne said it was good so we decided dinner that night would be there :) Next we see ANOTHER Golden Spoon...yes we stopped for one - a mini since it wasn't that much later than breakfast (we ate a lot for Japan standards on this day!) The lines to get tickets were rather ridiculous, but we finally made it inside.

Adrienne wanted to do the Hollywood Dreams roller coaster and I said I'd do it if she held my hand - the whole thing was terrifying, I was convinced that I was going to fall out the whole time, the lock in system was NOT very snug....they did give me little purple bands to put on my feet to keep my shoes on though - they were so funny I had to keep them!

That tall thing in the back - that's the drop...AHHHHH!

After that we walked over to find out what time Wicked was playing - we'll just say you haven't seen Wicked until you've seen the summary version in Japanese....WOW! We had until 2:30 so we went on ET and got lunch in the meantime - it was funny to know a movie but have no idea what's going on because everything is in Japanese!

Hello Kitty hat - made me laugh!
Wicked...gotta love the munchkin costumes!

They did a pretty good recreation of the set!

MMMMHHHHH - Melon Float! I matched Wicked perfectly!

The Wicked experience was quite hilarious - thankfully it was a mix of Japanese and English (and Adrienne and I have the soundtrack practically memorized) But it was HILARIOUS to see Japanese (and a few non-Asian) people putting this thing on...Japanese people shouldn't wear blond wigs...not really flattering. Anyway, it said no filming, but I sneaked a clip of the song Popular in's short and not much to look at but it's in Japanese!

Spiderman was kind of intense 3-D ride

The glasses are always super cool!

Ok, for those of you that pay attention to the blog I have who knows how many pictures of Adrienne walking in front of me - I'm proud to say this is my first of her behind me (the little brown bit at the bottom is my hair) Apparently I should walk in front more often and pretend I don't know her...funny girl!

These were the cards from the scary roller coaster After going on Back to the Future and checking out the shops our feet were tired and we were hungry...and there's no re-entry into the park (weird!) so we finally headed to Bubba Gumps - I had amazing Mahi Mahi and shrimp - I think it looks like a beach scene :) After that we headed home! Good day - exhausted!!!

Videos: The one on the right is a Hello Kitty show...I took several videos but I think this is the best was apparently a show about them getting married??? The guy is American (we think) and we felt SO bad for him...apparently he couldn't get a job anywhere else????? The video on the right is my Popular video from Wicked


Anonymous said...

WICKED!!!! LOVED IT... and that song, good in any language.

The Little Kitty and Catboy video - there are just no words! (not sure if I should laugh hysterically or cry for those poor people... te he!)

:) Sarah

Cheryl said...

Universal and City Walk looked fun. I loved the videos. I can't believe you broke the rules and took one of Wicked!