Friday, June 5, 2009

The end is near...

Time to say goodbye...I was sure this day would NEVER come! And now that it has I'm sad. It's been a hard year - but good in so many ways...growing pains aren't always fun when you're in the middle of them! My pictures are in reverse order...sorry!

My class and I went to Chula-U for our end of the year party, it's a bathhouse...pools, hot tub, healing warm water, Dr fish! We had a great time swimming and relaxing! There were life guards on duty and none of the pools were taller than the kids so I was able to relax and enjoy the day.

The warm healing waters pool - super relaxing (no Dennis is not drowning Lauren)
Swimming pool - with a 2nd level up top that was even more shallow
Kounosuke and Ryuki at the Dr. Fish (they were braver than Adrienne)
Kiana, Mai, and Risa - Mai is so funny!

Our JCI (kind of like car check up/registration) was expired and they tried to tell us we could drive the school van for the next 2 weeks...NO, where we would even park that thing around here, I don't know! But Thomas was taken to the shop and we got a RENTAL CAR...with air conditioning, 4 doors, a cd player that works, automatic windows, no bad noises, it accelerates (sort of) WOW, styling now :)

In front of the rental place
Our little space ship rental car :)

The church had our Sayonora Dinner for us, combined with one for Gerard and Colleen, and Earl since we all leave within a few weeks of each other - fun time as always :)

Alisia, Matthew, and I
I let Matthew take pictures - he's not exactly pro yet, so I didn't get many...but he did catch Kim with the, why are you crazy enough to give my son your camera look :)
going to miss my buddy!


Lauren said...

You are BRAVE taking your class to a land of pools! Looks like you had lots of meaningful goodbye celebrations. Enjoy your last bit of time there. We're heading back August 10!

Jo said...

Crazy that it has been a year! What an adventure.