Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last week in Japan...

I'm finishing up this blog in the Taipei airport and I can't believe this year is actually done - we had a fantastic last week in Okinawa - spent it at the beach, with friends, and a couple of last excursions! I'll have a couple of other things to post - but my camera cord is packed so it will have to wait! As a sneak peek they will include pictures and video of me flying the KC-135 flight simulator (AWESOME!) and our last shindig with Neighborhood people at Rocky and Gina's.

Anyway, our last week was mostly rainy - but thankfully the beginning of the week was sunny and we got some good beach time in...pretty sure I'm tanner than I've ever been. So nice to just drive 10 minutes and see all this beauty!

Emma got an academic achievement award so Kim signed us on base to go see her - strange being in a military school environment - the kids were EXTREMELY well behaved :) They all sat like that unsupervised for about 45 minutes - crazy!

Adrienne had gone to the Botanical Gardens without me so we headed back so I could see too - really pretty to walk around...have to say it would have been nicer without the planes flying overhead every 5 minutes
HA HA HA we saw this hammock and decided to try it out - it sunk straight to the ground!

Who wouldn't want to climb a palm tree?

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Mom said...

Its been a long year, but it went by faster than I thought it would. Looking forward to seeing you tonight! Love my Hope Diamond. Mom