Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camping/Hiji Falls

There was a plan for us to go camping (yes, me camping) Unfortunately, it was raining like crazy so we ended up in a little cabin with Lisette, Sage, Gabby, and Adrienne and I - we had a lot of fun having dinner with together with the Rice family and Gina and Rocky - yummy BBQ! After that we headed to our cabin and Rocky got a fire ready, much to Adrienne's excitement! We had smores and chatted until bedtime.
The smores had almonds in the chocolate - an excellent addition!
We're cute :)
The next morning we got up, had breakfast and got packed up and checked out of the cabins...then we were off to Hiji Falls - we've tried to go before, but the trail was under construction so I'm really glad we got to do it before we left! The walk was really pretty and pretty tiring...up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, across the bridge, up the stairs, down the stairs ( you get the idea!)

At the beginning of the hike
How cute are Sage and Gabby with Rocky?
On the really cool suspended bridge

I commented to Adrienne that before we came here I didn't really know what to think Okinawa would like...this was not it though - nothing about this place has been typical, but most of it has been far better :)
One of MANY sets of stairs

Hiji Falls - very pretty!
Gabby, Adrienne, Sage, Gina, Lisette, me, and Rocky by the falls
Japanmate picture :) HOT and SWEATY! but still smiling :)
Gabby leaves soon to go to Washington state and Sage will leave next month for England...crazy how much these kids move!
I about died holding in my laughter when I saw this lady in a SKIRT - I was hot and sweaty and dusty and here she is in a skirt - huh
On the car ride home - we played the silent game for about 40 minutes even I was wanting to talk!

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