Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ladies Retreat

I'm 2 weeks behind in my blogging and I don't really know how that happened! Ok, I do...I was busy with school and friends and life...go figure! I think back to the beginning of the year and how much time we had on our hands and now we're running out of time to do all the "last" things! Crazy! Anyway, 2 weeks ago we headed up north to Camp Schaub for our Ladies Retreat - Intimacy with the Almighty - based off the book by Charles Swindol (good book by the way) After we checked in we did a potluck dinner with my cabin and Adrienne's cabin (yes they separated us!)

Our kitchen...I think it's bigger than the whole wood box!
Our view...rough life I know!
That night we had our first session with Marlene - awesome time together :) The first principle we talked about was simplicity (there were 4 simplicity, silence, solitude, and surrender) That night we stayed up entirely too late after our cabin devotions - I was in a cabin with Kim and Lori and it was amazing to me how 3 people in various stages of life had SO much in common...let alone that much to talk about! The next day after morning devotions (outside with an ocean view!) we headed to our next session where we talked about silence...not my best quality) Later we had a YUMMY BBQ lunch cooked by Pastor Wes and Clay :)

Eva and I were table buddies for the 2nd session
Waiting for food

The whole group - some of my absolute favorite ladies!
Our afternoon activity was not my thing but I had a good time visiting with everyone :)
Later we had our 3rd session talking about solitude - we had spent the afternoon having some time to reflect, journal, and pray. That night we had our PJ party - each cabin had to do a little skit to summarize the weekend...some of them were hilarious!

Michelle, Irma, and Wendy did a rap
The Japanese ladies did a song with sign language

Saturday morning we had communion and our closing session - it was an amazing time - as Gina put it - reflection, restore, and refresh!

Cabin Mates - Lori, me, and Kim

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