Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I found that being surrounded by military people for the last year and growing attached to so many of them and their families that Memorial Day meant so much more to me this's amazing to me the sacrifices that they make each day - it's like that one bumper sticker...if you can read this thank a teacher, if you're reading this in English, thank a soldier...I look around Japan, which is a fairly free country and I marvel at how many freedoms we take for granted and how ungrateful we sound when we start complaining about war and this and that bill or politician. Anyway, off my little soap box - thank a soldier the next time you meet one for all the freedoms we are provided!
Onto my weekend...Friday was Spring Concert as I said in the last post and Saturday was the church picnic and baptism service. Now I've thought a lot about this - I was baptized as a baby so I left it at that until now. I have come to realize that for myself, I need to make my own public statement of faith by being baptized on my own accord, claiming what I've always believed and making it completely mine. This year has been one of growth and complete trust in God. I look back over the year and realize how much all of this craziness was part of His plan for me...I've been amazed at every turn how I've been provided for mentally, emotionally, physically, and ways that have surprised me, blessed me, humbled me, and just made me feel loved! Anyway, all that to say I was baptized in the East China Sea on Saturday as a reminder of all of that!

Before we started Pastor Clay reminded people of John baptizing Jesus by submersion and we are commanded to do the same

Getting ready to go under...I think this was the point that Pastor talked about us leaving and what a blessing we've been to the church...I cried coming to Japan and am crying leaving...can we say EMOTIONAL?

Rocky and Gina with us after the baptism
The WHOLE group :)
My Japan-mate, soon to be CA-mate, and I...LOVE YOU!!!!
On Sunday we headed to Kim's house for yummy food and fun! We had a great time hanging out with her and the kids (as always!) I would appreciate prayer for their youngest (Matthew) they found polyps of some sort in his throat and one under his armpit and the doctor's assistant wasn't very positive about it so they're running tests - pray for peace and that it turns out to be nothing or easily taken care of! On Monday we headed back to Forest Adventure with Lisette, Robert, Sage, Rocky, and Gina -SO FUN with a group!!! We laughed and talked the whole time...Adrienne and I were total pros this time around...MUCH better on the landing!

In the bus
Gina doing her test before heading out on the course
Sage and I waiting our turn
Adrienne on the net bridge
Lisette making a landing!
Part of the obstacle course at the end with Sage and Adrienne
Robert and Lisette
Best view of the day :)
ahhh Rocky and Gina are doing 35 new things for their 35th anniversary - this is number something :)
Japan-mate and I (again)
Afterward we headed to Pizza in the Sky...followed a truck of pigs for random!

Adrienne napped...AGAIN...I have a whole page of Adrienne the car, on the chair, in her bed, in Osaka, in Tokyo....I should write a kids book about napping.... :) I will nap in a chair, in a lair. I will nap on a bed, with something red, I will nap in the car, I will nap with a star...
At Pizza in the Sky with Rocky, Adrienne, Robert, (front row) Gina, Lisette, and Sage

As we're waiting for everyone to finish in the bathroom Rocky walks over with this frog that he found...I started laughing at how casual the whole thing was...

...then he put it in front of the door of the bathroom - Adrienne and Gina got a good laugh as they came out!
More Pizza in the Sky - it's a converted house and the first restaurant in Okinawa to be owned and run entirely by women...YUMMY food!
Overall, a GREAT weekend - lots of fun, food, and friends :) Not many left here in Okinawa!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the baptism. Hope you are doing well. And i have found that i can access blogs and hotmail over here. What a fun way to pass the time.Ha Ha. Miss you and ILl catch you later KEvin