Sunday, June 22, 2008

the first of the lasts

So I went to San Diego for probably the last time (at least for a long time) this weekend - yet again it was the last day and I hadn't taken pictures so I have one of the ocean but the one of Jen and I wasn't that I refuse to share it for both our sakes! We spent the weekend hanging out together and some other friends and reveling that we have very few weekends in California -her off to Kansas and me to Japan - strange that we're off in such different directions after knowing each other for 10 years (wow that makes me feel old) BUT friends stay friends no matter the distance or time difference (that's the one that concerns me) and all my friends seem to be off on new adventures right now - new jobs, new babies, new marriages, new experiences. It's true what they say about life never standing still. My roommate was gone on vacation to Yosemite this week and I had the week off and we both expected that I'd get some nice quiet time while she was gone. HA HA I was telling her about my week and she was like, you were as busy as ever! Yep, I guess so - I spent last Saturday doing nothing and I was bored - I think my ADD might be more severe then I thought :) Oh well, summer school starts tomorrow and that will be a different kind of busy - hopefully fun! I added a picture of San Diego ocean...soon I'll be on the other side of the Pacific - I'll have to post a picture to compare!!

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