Monday, June 23, 2008


So I bought my first day of school outfit - yes it's early, but when the outfit gotta buy it! Yes, I'm the biggest nerd on the planet...but I'm VERY into the first day of school and the outfit says a lot about the year, so it has to be good. Last year's outfit wasn't so good and the year wasn't so good - it's my little superstition :) I've liked my other outfits and my other years have been lovely! Anyway, so that's exciting - don't worry, there will be the traditional first day of school picture, but the outfit is top secret for now. I also got my eyes checked - good vision (not perfect) but was told I don't need glasses! This is a big relief after my coke bottom days of childhood...gotta love outgrowing your eye problem. I met some guy that's traveling with a rock band to Japan for 3 months and he told me some cities I should go see and I just laughed nervously - he gave me his email and told me to look him up...I think that was a pick up line (it's been awhile) and the whole thing was WAY to random for me...this might be why I don't meet new people. Oh on the other hand was Dim Sum day...a couple of the school families took me out and I ate yet another meal entirely with chopsticks (I think that makes 4, I'm on a roll!). The food was different, but I liked most of it and the company was good...goodness, yet another occasion I forgot my camera - need to stop doing that. I think part of it makes it more good-byeish if I take pictures - the whole I won't be seeing you so I need pictures thing is just hard. I also got lots of packing advice and tips about the vending machines for food over there ???? I'm not so sure about those, but I guess I'll see soon enough!

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Sara said...

I toyally agree with you on the first day of school outfit. : ) I need to start looking for mine : )