Sunday, June 29, 2008

ice cream, old friends, weddings, and other good clean fun!

So I've had an excellent few days...BUSY, as usual, but good! Summer school is off to a GREAT start. I have reading lab for the 4th summer and I just like that class, but my "Off Broadway" class is pure genius! I get paid for doing theater games for a half an hour, teaching basic drama skills for a half an hour, and then letting them use those skills to practice their own skits for a half an hour...all while hanging out with one of my good friends! BRILLIANT! Friday I had my ice cream "date" with my silent auction winner from school - my "date" Ray was to embarrassed to talk to me...he seems to have a small crush on me :) but his sister and mom and I had a fun time teasing him about how he ignores me all the time and ice cream is even better when you have it for lunch!!

That night I went out with my friend Matty - it had been way to long and we had a good time just laughing and talking - I remembered why I missed hanging out with him so that was good! Kim and I spent Saturday morning getting ready for her birthday party. I then got ready for
my friend Karyn's wedding - beautiful! It was a lovely day, the ceremony was nice, the couple fantastic, the other guest wonderful friends...just a good day!

I came home to a house full of people for Kim's birthday party - which was very nice, her friends are all very sweet. One of her friends had brought a friend...yea that's way 3rd party, but you get the idea. Anyway, this friend had just gotten back from teaching in China for 2 years so that was awesome to be able to talk to her - great perspective!! It was so nice to hear about someone else's experience and get a little more of an idea of what to expect - all in all the conversation was an extremely pleasant surprise.
I got home a little bit ago from church this morning and then a lovely day of hanging out with Sarah, D, and Caiden. It was one of those very peaceful days, where you don't really do anything, you're not sure where the time went but it was good all the same! I was a little teary today at random times - I kept having to say I leave in about 5 weeks, it seems a little to close now...not that I'm not excited, or thrilled to be going, but there's so much to do and NO motivation to do it. My goal is to have my classroom packed at the end of the week (we'll see if that happens) but I'm in pretty good shape there. I want to spend a couple of weeks organizing the stuff I'm leaving for the new teacher so she's not at a total loss about finding things. Not everyone can be organized chaos :) Soooo...yea, I should go to bed now so I can be properly rested for the next bit of my crazy schedule...

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