Monday, June 16, 2008

vacation :)

So today was my first official day of summer vacation (Friday is my last day and then there's summer school ha ha!) Tash, Adrienne and I went to Disneyland...we didn't take a single picture I just realized - oh well (I'm sure Adrienne is thrilled!) My legs and my brain are having an argument about whether I'm old or not...I think my legs are winning, but I'll let you know and listening to the ocean on my "sounds" setting on my new ipod docking station...very fancy alarm clock, radio, stereo that is very small for Japan. We learned today that if it doesn't fit in our suitcase, it's probably not worth shipping it...$50 later we can ship the world's smallest box with as much in it as we can fit or $38 for an even smaller box...I would pick the country that no one ships to, including Sephora....JCrew and Lakeshore seems to sum it up (not that I can afford either on my new salary!) oh well I now have to separate my maybe pile into my MUST HAVE pile...I'm now looking through my friend Sara's wedding pictures which turned out very nicely and contemplating what to write to the other two girls going to Japan with Adrienne and I. We're hoping to meet them before traveling however many thousands of miles and however many hours later we get to bond over this crazy year we've all taken on. Side note, yesterday's email also held the GOOD news that I have a straight second grade class (might have had a combo) and I have 18 little ones so I'm THRILLED to not have 1st graders and to begin my 7th year as a second grade teacher...I LOVE 7 year olds...Ok ok, I'm a nerd I know, moving on. The rest of the week seems to be quickly filling with a dentist appointment, a 2nd grade meeting, church, dance class, and hopefully my eye appointment, got my bloodwork back and my dr can sign off on me because overall I'm ok, minus the fact that my body blocks insulin, has low good cholestrol and high triglycerides, which may turn into diabetes if I don't start watching my fat intake, which includes eating more fish, less dairy (NEVER going to happen), and eating less fat. I bought 1% milk this week - that's my big step in my lowering of fat intake for now, oh and plain yogurt because I read that it would be better for me...he did say that moving to Japan would be really good for my health so we'll see how that all goes-hopefully that solves the problem :) All in all I'm checking things off my list and trying to fit in as much of my friend time as possible...ok, going to bed before I have to get going again!

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Aimee & Fam said...

Ahhh, Vacation!! Plain yogurt and dairy in general also helps to "swoop" fat out of your body. I saw a show called the "truth about food" by Dr. Mehmet Oz and they had a story about that. So keep eating dairy!