Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy... what else is new...yea I know - but when every day is booked solid until I leave (no, I don't know when I'm leaving...) it's just a little overwhelming to get it all done :) Sunday I had done some research on messenger bags and thought I had found my ideal bag at Patagonia - yes, I realize this is a sporting goods store - I figured I had already conquered REI with the raincoat, so bring it on! Anyway, I'm looking at bags while on the phone - yes, I am that shopper, but I'm a busy girl - MUST multi-task! So I have decided I like the smaller version of the bag and have found the red one I like - which the worker informs me he's glad I put down the blue one because red is more my color...I of course proceed to tell him that I was thinking that I might want my bag (which is water resistant....LOVE it!) to match my rain coat. This doesn't sound silly in my head because I understand I'm going to Japan during typhoon season, the salesman on the other hand is looking at me like I'm crazy, which I of course ignore and comment that I like red better and since I'm not always going to wear my rain coat so maybe I'll just go with the color I like better. Still looking at me like I'm a loon he tells me that this is true and he hadn't worn his rain coat today. This of course kind of baffles me for a second until I realize I'm the wierdo girl, wearing a dress, in a sporting goods store talking about her bag matching her rain coat. I explained my whole story and this of course caused a little laughter and something about the other worker teaching in Taiwan and on and on. So , thanks to my new friends for my awesome bag and my funny tidbit for the day :) I came home happy with my purchase and proceed to load up my bag and prance around the apartment which Kim is so used to I think at this point that she just ignores me until I go into her room to show off my super cool bag (again) and after not receiving the proper "yes, Alison, your bag is super fabulous" I turn around out of the room in a huff, but not without sticking my bag out again to be seen. Kim then asks if I'm trying to say kiss my butt and I gleefully reply, "No, kiss my bag!!!" She of course starts laughing and I'm laughing, while still running around wearing my bag - so yea, all in all, my bag is awesome and I find the whole thing amusing!!!! The rest of the week was filled with moving companies (LOVE my new BFF Troy right now...getting myself moved may be the best thing EVER! or maybe my bag, or hot rock many best things!) ADD tangent, so moving companies, summer school, tutoring, the Museum of Tolerance ( yea for activity trips with Sarah) It took us a few years to manage to go - but WELL worth the wait. I've never been to a museum guided by light and sound, and it was really interesting.

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