Sunday, July 6, 2008

fireworks, babies, best friends, and the spa :)

I have decided I LOVE holiday weekends and this one had almost all of my favorite people so that was wonderful! I drove down Thursday afternoon....I hate see Aimee, Kevin, and Jameson! It was absolutely wonderful seeing all of them - I also got to hang out with Whitney and Tannen - her brother and girlfriend and Aimee's brother Tim and his...girlfriend? Anyway, we BBq'd we played the Wii (I had never played and it was super fun...I rock the javelin throw!) hung out and talked, went to Balboa Park, made s'mores and just had a great time hanging out! Kevin made me laugh when he told Aimee and it was ok if we just wanted to stay in our pj's. I know we have a habit of that but it was sweet to think of it...we did manage to get dressed though! I am head over heals for Jameo though...I'm not really sure how you could not like him - he's an absolute crack up...I have an excessive amount of pictures of him considering I was only there a day and a half....I don't get to see him that often though - I've decided moving to Japan forgives a lot :)

Anyway after my tearful goodbye to Aims and Jameson I drove to Glen Ivy Day spa and met up with some more of my favorite people and had a great time laying on the dingies (you know those floaty mats in the wading pool). Those are my favorite, when I grow up I want a wading pool in the back yard and dingies - that would make me tremendously happy! I also think that EVERYONE should go there and get the relax massage - they use hot rocks and it's the best thing EVER! I've had massages that use hot rocks, but not like this - my whole body hummed afterwards - very refreshing, relaxing, and energizing!!!! I STILL feel relaxed and that's saying a lot in my world right now :) We also went into the mud - I always feel kind of like a hippo wading into the muddy water and slathering mud all over - but good times were had by all and my skin is super soft and supposedly with fewer toxins (I need to get rid of as many as possible, so what the heck, why not!)

So after the shower which of course includes the best smelling soap ever (I bought some to take to Japan!) we spend the rest of the afternoon lunching, laying, talking, and just having fabulous time - I love my girls...thanks for coming with me!! There's a few other tid-bits, but I think I'll save it because I'm tired of typing!


Adrienne said...

I cannot believe you are putting these pictures up everywhere!!!! oh my!

Aimee & Fam said...

I miss you already!!! So...what's on the birthday agenda? I am a bad friend because I didn't get your card/present in the mail. I will give you a call tomorrow though! I MISS YOU!

Aimee & Fam said...

PS Aren't those awesome pics with you and Jameo?