Monday, July 21, 2008

Cooking Extravaganza!!! and a half

24 meals later, but we're all still standing and my friend's freezers are full of food and I have another memory of cooking at Sarah's. Strange how what I took for granted for the last 4 years has become such a part of my life and is something that makes me cry thinking about how I'll miss it. I'll miss D wiping up all my spills, looking over my shoulder to see if I've made ANOTHER mess. I'll miss Sarah having to have specific instructions, large chunk, what? nickel size! Ok! Although my favorites were always the funny questions...what does it mean to juice a lime...Sous Chef has come a long ways - she even made dip for the party :) My crowning achievement is when my sous chef can create her own masterpiece!! hee hee! Anyway, so cooking was long, with 6 girls, 2 babies, and enough food for an army! We were all done 7 hours later - a bit crazy, but fun all the same - I'm now tired! I came home to do a little more sorting, because packing day is now upon me (YUCK!) but the movers come on Friday so I need to get a move on...I think I lack motivation with so many "lasts" in my life. I was commenting today about how hard this move is and Tash informs me that it's because I'm going to another country, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I'm older and more settled, and my friends are the ones I'll keep for life. So it's emotional, cooking helps...I think I had my fill for awhile though!

The girls cooking away, Caiden was helping me take the picture - it took a little doing!

Caiden and I on a break!

Sarah and I remembered to take a picture to commemorate our cooking craziness!

Ellie was a good sport all day!

We even got a smile out of Caiden!!

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