Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 days to go...

My visit to Atascadero was really fun - good to see everyone...didn't take any pictures (it's wierd to take pictures in my hometown, don't just is) Cheryl and I went to the Atascadero Naz church and were introduced as historical figures in the church - I had no idea 28 was historical - but we laughed and it felt very much like coming home after being away 10 years...strange! I saw my parents, the Andrews, the Valauu's, Kim, and Lori - all doing well! Cheryl and I drove back down on Wednesday with the girls. LONG drive...NO fun at all, but we all made it back!! We spent the day packing my giant suitcase and it ALL fit, thank goodness! Dodger game was tonight...sorry to say, it wasn't a good one - but fun to be with friends. I have a day of appointments tomorrow, a baby shower, some errands and that's about it - YIKES! Anyway, I'll try and get my few new pictures up - but you might have to wait till I'm using my own computer again - at the mercy of others :)

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