Sunday, August 17, 2008

Classroom pictures and random videos

I took a picture from each corner of my room so you could get the general idea - no frogs this year, sorry Lakeshore, no teacher supply store...I'm having to learn the hard way of how to make do with what I have - I think the queen of budgets may be put to the test this year. We just got internet at home and just getting it installed cost an arm and a leg and our monthly bill will need to be added to the list of expenses along with the cell phone Adrienne and I will share - we're nervous about getting lost and having no way to call anyone so we figure it would be wise to have a phone that goes with the car - not that Adrienne and I have been separate at anytime in the last 2 weeks :) So today I taught part of the in-service - yes, random, anyone surprised? Laura who's teaching us about 6+1 Writing had a little breakdown today - SO understand those, lots of stress (she's a military wife and her Grandma passed away 2 days ago and she's missing the funeral) I'm the only other teacher that's worked with the program so I introduced part of the lesson for the day...have to jump in sometime right? Adrienne, Rachel, and I went to lunch with Laura and Meikeio (really need to check on that spelling!) which was really fun - good girl time and I think we've made our first friends. They are SO our kind of people - equally crazy as us and really funny! We got our internet at home today - broke it and then they had to come back - not really broken - but they still had to come back to help us. All is well with our internet now!! Hmmm, not much else going on for now - missing home still - or at least the freedom of friends, understanding the language, not having to improvise EVERYTHING, an oven, my car, yea, just missing home.

Notice the STUPID cursive letters - I painted the lovely welcome sign with my Adrienne crafty girl
All 18 desks and 18 cubbies
I have a desk for the first time there in the corner - Sarah seems to think I'll have a pile of stuff on it soon - I don't have enough stuff to have a pile!
Blackboard, blackboard, can't believe I have one!
These poor plants were here when I arrived - maybe I can revive them, maybe I'll kill them, poor things!

This is the view from my desk - probably won't see that one often!


The funniest band EVER - this guy has my
current hair though - poor hair!

This was the juggler I was watching when I met my former new best friend - ha ha!

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