Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet my class

...or at least the ones I've met (still missing two) I have individual pictures, but it would take forever to upload and who really wants that?! I took these the second day of school...much more relaxed :)

I was trying to have them take a picture that didn't involve them all doing the peace sign...this was what I got...Mai, Shuan, Mana, and Dennis

Lauren, Banri, and Alyssa

Kiana, Kyle (who's twins with Lauren) Milena (she had just finished hysterically crying, I didn't push for a smile), and Kristopher

Serina, Ayaka, Ryuki, Nathan, and Risa


Aimee said...

They are sooo cute! Hopefully, they aren't just little wolves in sheep's clothing.

Edith/URL said...

They look like transplants from SGCS except ours' would have been making bunny ears on each other. Even though they're cute I still believe in recess for the kids and the teachers as well as a pupil free lunch.