Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our new apartment building...

We're 2nd floor!
Our shoe home - yea, it's supposed to be in that cupboard...but we're trying!!
From the front door - we got outdoor chairs for the patio but they work in the living room until we have a couch (they're how much stuff we actually know here!)

My bedroom - I'm standing the corner, yes my closet doors are the same as my actual door to the rest of the apartment - ha ha, I live in a closet - it's nice and roomy though!
My room from the door - my Bella blanket and my pillow came too!
My bed
The view out my window...maybe I shouldn't have complained about the chairs outside my classroom at SGCS :)My pan made it to Japan - we'll see how cooking goes!

Sink in the shower room
Shower room

Adrienne's room

Bathroom - toilet is separate (right near the front door)
Our fridge opens both ways, it's fun!
Kitchen table
HA HA - like our frame? If you don't get the joke...well, let's just go with I know most of you seem to pray regularly for my future husband!

Adrienne and I's doorways to our rooms

We have a crockpot!!! and a toaster, coffee pot and a microwave (in English) our rice cooker is in Japanese though....thankfully there's only 2 buttons!

Dining/Living area

Well, that's the basic tour...good times!


Aimee said...

Very nice, I like it. You are going to have a blast!

Sarah said...

What a view (haaaaaaaaa!) You've traded wet plastic for yellow metal... you rule! (lol!) Perhaps because you spent all those years at Point Loma with an ocean front view now you're just coming back into balance... it'll be ok... your classroom view will just need to be of a garbage heap and all will be right as rain!!

Sarah said...

P.S. - Floor to ceiling wood... technically you could dance on the ceiling! But all joking aside it is very nice... your pot just fits... as does Adrienne on her bed!