Friday, August 29, 2008

Take two was so much better!

So my 2nd day of school was much smoother then the first so hopefully the trend continues! One of my 3 absentee children arrived in HYSTERICAL tears and all I could think was...not again...please! It took her a bit to calm down, but it could have been worse and the rest of the day went smoothly - writing was painful, they have no discussion skills so that will take some training. Overall though - feeling optimistic (or at least I've stopped contemplating the flight home!) We went for dinner with Mr. Elofson, Chicako, 2 other teachers - yummy food and then Adrienne and I went home for a bit - got my first that flat rate envelope - Aimee filled it with happy little things and mail in general is just good stuff (HINT HINT) Then we decided some dessert was needed for our first week celebration :) Dessert was good - service was horrid, as Adrienne said, at least we don't tip here! Woke up this morning after almost 9 hours of sleep and just enjoying the quiet - we're going to just hang out and rest this weekend - maybe pick something out of the tour book to go do :) Much love!

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Aimee said...

Good!!! I am very glad day 2 went better. The flat rate package took about a week then.