Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little emotional...

Yesterday I spent the day at school...I know surprise surprise! By the end of the day I was a little frustrated, tired, and very HOT. I had spent an hour hanging cursive letters - I don't want to talk about the fact that I have to teach cursive, if you know my handwriting you know why! Anyway, these letter cards are SO old and damaged and I couldn't hang them with tape (doesn't stick) and I had the world's smallest stapler so....yea, I basically had to be happy they stayed on the wall (I missed having Lindy there to tell me if they were crooked or not...course I couldn't do anything about it if it were at that point!) Anyways, what felt like years later they were up along with my welcome sign and I had put away all the stuff I had shipped over for school. So I guess I got a lot done, it just didn't feel like it and it sure doesn't look like it! I have to keep reminding myself this is a new place and figuring stuff out is half the battle...the rest will come eventually. I am missing all the supplies from SGCS...butcher paper is a luxury here and they've never heard of a die cut machine or a book binding cutter and I'm REALLY missing my paper cutter! Anyway, after school we came back to the apartment and in the midst of cooking dinner, who knows why, but the tears just started - Adrienne gave me a big hug and promised ice cream later and we both had to laugh at the fact that we feel like we've fallen down the rabbit hole in Wonderland here. After some food, laundry, and Gilmore girls I was feeling much better. We headed down to American Village (it's like Chinatown...but not very American) we went and got Baskin Robbins (I had Popping tasted like Mint sort of...and it had pop rocks in it - that was HILARIOUS). We wandered around shops and listened to these live band (they were singing a song that said Japanese to America, China to Phillippine...they were very passionate about their song it was very funny!) When we got home we heard drumming (Like from the beach - the Obon festival is next week we found out - ancestors are arriving today) So we heard the Eisa drummers and decided to go try and find them because we saw they're little truck down the road from us. So we went down the alley (not a scary kind but an alley) and several blocks later we finally found the group and enjoyed the little routine for awhile - random! We went to the 100 yen store (again!) and then home for more Gilmore girls and bed. Today we decided to get a crock pot ready - Adrienne had wanted ham and scalloped potatoes - we had gotten the little bit of cheese, what we thought was ham, the potatoes and all that good stuff. So the ham appears to be a big hunk of I sliced it up anyway, the cheese seems to be Velveeta instead of cheddar, the potatoes were normal :) We'll see how dinner is tonight! :) So we're talking to the Kindy teacher - it's nice to have someone that knows the boat we're in - her husband is military, been here 2 years, will be here 2 more. Trying to imagine that is a little hard!

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Aimee said...

Next time you go to Baskin Robbins you should so get some strawberry ice cream, you know it will make you feel better. Also, I don't think a paper cutter will fit in the global envelope.