Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Field trip...or something like that

So I went on a "field trip" with my class on Wednesday. I use the term field trip VERY loosely...the Japanese teacher wanted to walk to the park so that the kids cold look at trees and bugs and whatnot to write a report....sounds fine to me so we all went with our lunches! Rocky is the English kids Japanese teacher so he led us since I have no clue where I'm going and I brought up the rear while Mrs. Takimoto waited for the bentos (Japanese hot lunch) to arrive and was going to meet us at the park. So we go down the stairs, through the parking lot and proceed to walk in the street (no sidewalks) around the bend, past some goats - yea, I live in a rural area...and a little further to the park. It was a little chilly with the breeze and no sun (it's been on and off rain, surprise surprise!) but we were ok. We all sat in a circle to eat our lunch and then the kids were off to look for things to write about. I on the other hand decided to climb the world's coolest jungle gym :) I was enjoying having 2 other teachers in charge of my class and I got to go around taking pictures and enjoying my time instead of my usual field trip stressing! So there is lots of yelling from a group of my kids over by the drainage ditch and they have found what appears to be a water snake. It was actually in the eel family and supposedly very they CAUGHT it in the bento box - YIKES, where am I again?? So they all drew pictures about it and wrote about it. Later they caught a grasshopper, looked at some spiders and plants. At the end we all got to play on the playground stuff...I admit to being a monkey too :) All in all we had a good time, no injuries or drama! We were so tired from all the excitement that they wanted a rest after math time so I figured what was the harm of a little rest before their math page...two of them fell ASLEEP! I was shocked, but it made for a nice quiet afternoon :)

Here we are walking into the road - oddly enough here, this does not panic me!

Lunch time
We had our little eel experience in the drainage it is in the bento box
Mrs. Takimoto trying to catch the eel
EWWW trying to catch least they didn't want to eat it!

Mr. Rocky on the toys :)
Playing in the sand
Risa and Mai examining a leaf
Kyle and I on the climbing gym
Kiana and Kai
The coolest climbing gym ever :)
Some of them are STILL eating
Swing sets are always fun!
Now here's a class picture you'd NEVER see in the States!

Ryuki is a monkey after my own heart :)
Kounosuke cracks me up - he rand and jumped on this and I made him lay back down for the picture!


rachel.pentecost said...

those pictures are so adorable! oh goodness.. if my boys were there and saw that eel/snake, they probably would have picked it up and ran around with it haha.

Mom said...

You loved your climbing dome until you were too big for it. I have to say that climbing gym looks very interesting and fun.

Cheryl said...

What fun! You have made so many wonderful memories! I love the class picture and the eel creeped me out. I think I would have been shreiking and dancing around while taking pictures. I love you and miss you so much!

Aimee said...

Omigosh! I love the pictures! Your kidlets are so darling! I think the class picture rocks! We have those cool jungle gyms in Vienna too, you are probably right they would NEVER happen in the states.

Edith/URL said...

Love your adorable kids and their photos as well as your picture at the top. The jungle gym would really entertain some of the monkeys in my class. It definitely beats the climbing gyms here. Just keep sharing your wonderful memories. Love you and continue to miss you.