Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sea Wall

So I realized I hadn't downloaded some pictures off my camera which apparently means I'm behind in my blogging...AND we went to Tokyo so I apologize in advance for the multiple blogs in the next few days and I'll try to keep them on the shorter side...I seem to be more of a rambler than I could have ever guessed! I forget what day but Adrienne and I went with Lori and the family for the day and at some point we ended out on the jetty that we can see from our spot from the sea wall - I of course had to take a picture :) This is the spot where we do all our thinking, deciding, contemplating, venting, and being....our spot is in front of the pink building a and a little to the right!

Us sitting looking at our sea wall spot-I'm getting SO good at the self-portrait pictures!

I think we'll be using our sea wall spot soon - with all the stuff going on in Thailand we're trying to cancel our trip and get our money back...if we can get it back was can make other plans...if not, Christmas in the wood box :( We did figure that if we can get either the tour or the flight money back we could go to Osaka for a week and do actual Christmas here and do the Christmas Eve service at church and Pastor Wes and Carol have an afternoon thing at their house...I know we'd be well taken care of no matter what :) We have been blessed every step of the way and I know that whatever happens is going to be good!

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Aimee said...

I hope you get your money back too! There were explosions at the airport, doesn't that count as being able to get your money back?